Yaro Starak Interviews Ian McConnell About His $300,000+ Online Business Success

Ian McConnell

A few years ago I remember thinking that if I could just make $500 a month from selling an ebook… I would be very happy!

So, to make $359,515.79 in 23 months was an outstanding result.

It was hard work, but well worth it!

And then to be interviewed by Yaro Starak of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com was the icing on the cake.


I was honoured to be interviewed by Yaro, a blogger and entrepreneur I had been following and respected for many, many years.

In the interview (play button below) Yaro extracts all the information from me that made my simple membership site the success it was.

Read the post on Entrepreneurs-Journey.com

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed being interviewed by Yaro.

Press play to begin streaming the audio…

Download the transcript here.

PLEASE share your takeaways from this interview in the comments below… I would love to know what you got out of it.

Enjoy, and please share this and leave your comments below.

  • SI

    Hi Ian, I love this story, I heard the Podcast on Yaro’s site which has inspired me to work more on my blog and I now have a plan of where to go with it. I also included you briefly in an article I wrote about successful blogging.

    • Thanks SI,

      If the podcast inspired you then we did a great job. Hopefully it also inspired many others.

      Cheers Ian

  • Hi there Ian,

    I came across a comment you made today on a website where I’d posted yesterday (about letting customers decide how much they want to pay), and I noticed you were from Perth.

    I clicked your hyperlinked name, popped over to your site and just listened to your interview with Yaro — I was spellbound and fascinated! An ‘overnight’ success which took years of hard work – bravo on your results! And congratulations!

    I was familiar with many of the names you mentioned and chuckled at your stories, and yes you totally inspired me. I’m a serial entrepreneur with waaaay too many ideas and waaaay too many websites, so that bit about you really resonated 🙂

    Even now I’m sitting here writing notes about my 3 favourite sites and what I –should– be doing for each of them! Time to stand still and FOCUS methinks. Thanks again, have a fabulous weekend!


    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Teena and I’m glad that I inspired you. It just goes to show that blog commenting is very effective.

      Most of us struggle with too many ideas and too many websites… Focusing on one until it succeeds was the best bit of advice I EVER received.

      Have Fun

      • Hey Ian,

        Almost 2 months since I commented here, but when I got a notification of a new comment on your site, I popped over here and wanted to let you know where your inspiration has taken me 🙂

        I am now focussing on one new website, and just published my second weekly Podcast! I’m sooooo excited!

        I’m discovering that podcasting is an excellent way to reach your audience, and when I’m confident enough I might ask to interview some really interesting business possums 😉

        Here is my newbie amateurish first two, and after listening to some other excellent podcasts this week, I’m going to focus on answering questions and doing case studies on folks’ sites & marketing:


        Thanks again!
        Ciao ciao

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  • Joe

    Somehow found my way to your site and am just downloading the podcast.

    I’ve got one site I’m working on now, trying to make some money, but nothing yet.


    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Joe,

      Let me know what you thought of the podcast…


      • Joe

        Hi Ian,

        Just finished listening to the podcast.

        Really enjoyed it, such a great story from Zimbs to OZ and making a load of cash online!

        I could really relate to the part where you began to procrastinate once you gave up the day job. I did the same thing too. When I was working I’d only have a few hours to spare so would use them wisely. When you’ve got the whole day ahead of you its easy to waste time as you’ve got so much of it!

        Today is a good example: It’s 1.45 pm and I’ve done nothing so far!

        Great stuff and good luck with your next projects.


        • Ian McConnell

          Thanks Joe,

          Wasting time on the wrong tasks is a real problem and something I see happen in most of my students… That’s why the accountability part of coaching works so well.


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  • Dan

    Hey Ian,

    I found this podcast through another blog (the commenter Joe’s blog actually) and I don’t know you or the interviewer, but I have to say that was a superb podcast that left me feeling motivated and also left me with a little injection of hope.

    To hear some of your feelings in your early days of internet marketing reassures me that if someone as successful as you had those same feelings then I too can get there with persistence.

    You final comments in the last minute of the interview actually summed up perfectly where I’m at personally – bashing the keyboard every day, unsure of my end goal, at times having doubts whether it will actually work – so it’s nice to know someone else felt the same yet still went on to succeed.

    Back to my bashing 🙂

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Dan for your kind comments.

      Yes, persistence is absolutely essential… BUT, persisting with the wrong strategy will lead to failure.

      Make sure you are marketing to a hungry crowd!


      • Joe

        Got any tips on finding that hungry crowd?

        Thanks, Joe

        • Ian McConnell

          Hi Joe,

          A “Hungry” market is a motivated market… There is usually an urgent need where the cost of a product or service is not a factor in the buying decision.

          This is an extreme example… Someone gladly paying $50 for a bottle of water (usually $2) if they’ve just done a 30km hike, run out of water 10km ago, and it’s the only bottle of water for the next 50kms. The pain of paying $50 is less than the pain of dying of thirst…

          Another example… A 45 year old male with a wife and 2 kids that loses his job, and little chance of getting another one quickly, will be highly motivated to pay for information to start a successful online business. The pain of paying $100 for the information is less than the pain of not providing for his family…

          I could go on and on, but you probably get the picture. Look for the pain, the desperation or the urgency in your niche. I found it in the model train niche, that’s why I could justify them paying $27/mo when a magazine was less than $10.


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  • Neal Hitchcock

    Great blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your design. Thank you, Neal.

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Neal,

      It’s the Headlines theme available at WooThemes.


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  • Gene

    This information is priceless.

  • Princess

    Can I just say what a relief to uncover a person that really knows what they are talking about. More people ought to check this out and understand this side of your story. I was surprised you’re not more popular given that you surely have the gift.