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Which Keyword Phrases Should You Focus On

Finding out which keyword phrases people are using to find information about your niche, is another important step in providing the right offer to the right people.

The easiest way to do this, is to start with and the Wonder Wheel. This tool will provide a very clear indication of the most commonly searched keyword phrases. List these all out in a spreadsheet or document.

Note: Please ensure you are searching Google in the country identified with the most searches. In our example we identified knitting as being mostly searched in the US and UK. So, to identify the keyword phrases in the US we used and to identify the keyword phrases in the UK we use

If you are using the Firefox browser this can easily be done by using this Google Global extension.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser this can easily be done by using this Google Global extension.

The next step is to use the Google external keyword tool to add more keyword phrases to your list and find out which keyword phrases your competitors sites are optimized for.

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