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The Ugly But Honest Truth About Doing Business Online


Want a BIG challenge in life? Then start a business!

Want an EVEN BIGGER challenge in life? Then start a business online!

Why? Because it's freaking HARD!

Don't let anyone else tell you differently… It is hard! The Facebook articles and ads from the “guru's” showing off their travels, cars and houses might look lavish and the perfect lifestyle… But there was a lot of pain to get there!

There was a lot of very long hours learning what works and what doesn't… A lot of money spent on testing Facebook ad after Facebook ad… A lot of spending $100 on ads to make a sale that paid out $40!

But, they persevered!

They ignored the long hours of work each day and the ad spend with no return. They kept testing hook after hook making adjustment after adjustment on their Facebook ads… looking for that 8% or more click-through rate.

Then they tested landing page after landing page… Optin pages, presell pages, testing again for that high click-through rate!

Then they tested offer after offer to find that high converting offer which resonated with the audience they have attracted from their ad!

The strategy is simple… The implementation is simple… But the emotional fortitude required to test something, which 9 out 10 times will probably not work, and then keep testing relentlessly until you find the ad, landing page and offer sweet spot… is incredibly hard!

This is what Frank Kern had to say…

So, is it all worth it?

What is your experience?

How much time and money have you spent on your business?

Is the return on investment worth it?

Have you got the strength to keep going? Or are you going to become the next fool to buy another product, because you think you need more information… and then waste the next week or month going through the training?

You already have all the knowledge you will ever need… And if you still don't think so, then everything you think you need is available for free on Google and Facebook… Or, you could hire a person who has completed the course to do that portion for you!

The Overview

STRATEGY: Facebook Ad (hook) > Landing Page (ClickFunnels Optin or Presell Page) > Offer (Affiliate, then your own). Watch this webinar replay for more detail.

REQUIREMENTS: A Huge dose of perseverance!

POTENTIAL: Paying cash for that dream car, boat, house, travel… and wanting to share your success online to inspire others!

Have Fun,

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