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The Income You Earn Is Based On The Level Of Value You Provide


How much money do you want to make in your business?

We are all capped with how many hours we have in the day, but yet some people will start a business and make $100k/yr while others make millions.

Why is that?

It's because of the value they provide.

Myron Golden explains it extremely well in the video below…

Income Is the Result Of Value Created And Offered In the Marketplace.

~ Myron Golden

There are 4 levels of value which determine income levels:

Lowest Level Of Value Is Implementation.

These are people who do the thing. Like the cleaner, electrician or website builder that spend their time doing their work. They have no leverage. They can only do that one job at a time using their hands. They average between minimum wage and $80k/yr.

Second Lowest Level Of Value Is Unification.

These are people who manage other people. They use their management skills to manage many people to get many jobs done at one time. They average between $40k/yr and $250k/yr.

Second Highest Level Of Value Is Communication.

These are people who communicate a message from themselves to people's hearts. They make people feel something, like salespeople, marketers, actors, singers. Because they can communicate a message, they can produce something once and sell it to thousands. They average between $100k/yr and $100million/yr.

Highest Level Of Value Is Imagination.

These are people who use their mind to make money, and money to make money. These are the people who find ways to access millions of dollars of other peoples money, and then produce a huge return by investing it wisely. There is no limit to their income.

What are your thoughts? What level of value are you providing to your marketplace? Let us know in the comments below…

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