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How To Get A Constant Stream Of Targeted Visitors To Your Website


In the internet marketing game, getting visitors to your website is referred to as getting traffic to your website.

This traffic is the biggest problem website owners face.

Thousands of people have websites on the internet buried in the search engines and will probably never be found.

It doesn't matter how well designed, how well your site converts, or whether it has every bell and whistle… Without traffic it is doomed.

So, how do you get targeted visitors to your website?

targeted visitors to websiteWell, that depends on 2 things:

  • How much money you have available
  • How much time you have available

If you have more money and less time, you will want to buy your traffic.

If you have more time with less money, you will want to attract free traffic.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Paid Traffic To Your Website

Buying your traffic by placing advertising on Google, Yahoo, Bing, magazines or trade journals is a quick and fast way to get traffic to your website.

But, you need the cash to do this and a website that converts well… or you may as well flush your money down the toilet!

If you remove the advertising, or have it removed by the provider, the traffic stops. This caught me out on many occasions and it can be devastating.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is definitely not a set it and forget it system. I had many campaigns that where converting very well and stopped converting overnight. This was due to variables changing that were completely out of my control.

Paid advertising needs to be monitored daily to avoid going from being profitable to a loss. This can happen very quickly!

Free Traffic To Your Website

Free traffic is using your time to create strategically placed content with a link back to your website.

The big disadvantage of free traffic is that it takes time and patience. It is slow in the beginning, but as it gains momentum it becomes unstoppable.

This is a major advantage.

Having used both paid and free traffic methods for over 4 years and watching hundreds of affiliates promote my products… The free traffic method is without a doubt the best way to go for longevity.

Sure, I have made money very quickly by spending $50 a day on a Google ad which goes to an affiliate product that converts well. I have made a 100%, 200% and sometimes a 400% return on my investment very quickly.

The problem is that this is not a sustainable business.

Other affiliates will notice that your ad is running for a long period of time and copy you. Any Google ad that runs longer than a week is usually profitable, so it is very easy to rip off. There is paid software out there that scans for these results and alerts the user.

To create a sustainable business you should build traffic sources that have longevity. It takes effort, but you will end up with hundreds of traffic sources that you couldn't turn off, even if you wanted to.

Most people think that free traffic is writing articles every day, commenting on other peoples blogs, creating threads in forums and other mundane, dull and boring tasks. It's not that at all.

Writing articles and commenting on blogs and forum will provide a great source of free traffic, but there are many other free traffic strategies that will give you 10 times the traffic.

As it becomes harder to get the visitor to your site, instead of a competitors site, you need to think out of the box!

Marlon Sanders put this in perspective for me. He said if someone put a loaded gun to my head and threatened to blow my brains out if I didn't generate 3,000 new subscribers to my blog in the next 30 days, what would I do?

Click the image below to hear Marlon's message… Turn up your speakers!

You see, 3,000 subscribers at the industry average earnings of $1.00 per month per subscriber would provide a $3,000 per month income. The traffic is free so this is nearly 100% profit.

Almost everyone could do with an extra income of $3,000 per month, but very few people are prepared to put in the effort for 30 days.

The large majority of people will never try the strategy, and another large majority of the people that do start will give up in the first week. Sad, but true!

I see this every day with the affiliates that promote my products.

Less than 2% of the affiliates earn 95% of the affiliate commissions.

My model train ebook pays close to $80.00 per sale to the affiliate. I have over 400 affiliates and only 4 of them consistently make sales every day.

I have a monthly membership attached to the ebook, so those affiliates are being paid a 70% commission month after month. This is a product that is well worth putting in the effort to make sales.

As the product owner I can see where these super affiliates are driving traffic from and even though I have freely given this information to my coaching clients… Most of them never implement it!

I think they look at the strategy thinking it's too easy so it won't work…

Sometimes I wonder if most people don't have a secret wish to never succeed… It seems like you can give them the keys to the kingdom and they are afraid to unlock the door!

Seriously, if you want an unstoppable stream of targeted traffic to your website, then you need to have a look at Marlon Sanders's Traffic Dashboard… Here's a sneak peak…

Marlon is the “Traffic King” and if you are looking for free traffic without having to write 10 articles a day and go insane from the boredom, then he has the answers.

Marlon explains all in her free 12 minute video, but some of what he exposes is:

  • A free tool available to everyone that will show you exactly where your competitor's website traffic is coming from. If you thought Alexa was cool imagine knowing EXACTLY how much traffic your competitors were getting each day and knowing exactly where that traffic was coming from.
  • A super simple method for cramming your opt-in list with 200-400 subscribers in a single day… and NO this has nothing to do with ad swaps.
  • A really cool strategy that shows you how to get 10 time MORE traffic from EVERY article you write.

Marlon is one of those fanatical people that will test and tweak new traffic strategies, add her own little twists and tweaks, and once they are proven, will share them on her new Traffic Dashboard.

Click here to take a look inside the Traffic Dashboard

Inside the Traffic Dashboard Marlon shows you how to go from nothing to over 3,000+ subscribers in just 30 days (all in step-by-step detail).

You literally point and click your way to increased traffic with Marlon's unique dashboard design. The point-and-click learning system forces you to take action.

You probably already know that traditional article marketing is becoming less and less effective. What worked in 2004 simply doesn't cut it anymore. Marlon show's you 10 different ways to repurpose your content
for additional traffic and exposure. Use just a couple of the strategies in this video and you'll have no excuse for not getting at least a couple hundred visitors for every article you publish.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

The Traffic Dashboard is packed with over 8 hours of video instruction… NO fluff… NO filler.

With over 8 hours of step-by-step video and enough how-to information to answer every question, worry and problem you've ever had in regards to getting targeted traffic to your website.

A word of warning though!

The Traffic Dashboard was created specifically for people who are looking to build REAL businesses online… People who are dedicated to providing top-notch value for their visitors, subscribers, and customers.

This is something Marlon stresses a lot, and I agree. If you're not willing to take the time and effort to put together some really good content and offer real value, then don't bother with the Traffic Dashboard. It will just be a waste of time for you.

But… If you are dedicated to building a REAL business online and providing your visitors with REAL VALUE then the Traffic Dashboard will help you to grow your business 10 times faster.

There are no “tricks”, or “magic traffic buttons” here, just proven traffic strategies that are designed to generate traffic as quickly as possible.

Plus, for those of you who are more advanced, Marlon combines old school tactics with new traffic twists and tips that you won't want to miss…

Click here to take a look inside the Traffic Dashboard

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