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The Socrates Premium WordPress Theme

Wordpress themes are what transform your blog into a professional looking website. There are thousands of free Wordpress themes which are guaranteed to fit the needs of your blog. Having the sidebar on the left or right or both sides are something that you will need to decide, but there is a free theme to fit most needs.

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Website Hosting – Which Is Best & How To Set It Up

Buying the correct hosting is imperative to make your “making money on the internet” life a whole lot easier. We recommend Hostgator for 3 reasons: Excellent support – When your website goes down you want to be able to contact your website hosting company and get it fixed quickly. Cpanel – is a very handy […]

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The Top 7 Reasons Why WordPress Blogs Are Easy To Setup And Can Be Great Money Makers

It’s no secret that in a matter of minutes you can have a professional looking website. If it is configured properly, it will gradually attract an audience of people searching for the information you provide. And, by attracting an audience to your website, there will be a portion of those readers that will pay for […]

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How To Transform The Look Of Your Blog With A Theme

The theme of your blog is what dictates the look and feel. There is a very large selection of free themes that will allow you to have a left column, right column or both. You can choose the basic color scheme and if you know a little programming language you can always tweak these themes […]

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