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Shane Melaugh Interviews Ian McConnell About His $300k Model Train Membership Site

Shane MeLaugh from interviewed me…

Shane is the “Swiss army knife” of internet marketers. His precision, quality and dedication to growing viable online businesses is something I highly respect.

Because of this, and the fact that this was the very first time I had been interviewed on camera, I was nervous and a bit shaky in the beginning. But, I pushed through and the feedback from viewers has been great. Hopefully you will think so too…

NOTE: If you ever get asked to do an interview, always respond yes, and do it quickly before the fear sets in. The positive benefits of doing the interview (no matter how badly it comes out) will be well and truly worth it. The exposure, the extra subscribers are just some of the benefits, but the biggest benefit is the personal growth as an individual.

Enjoy the information, because there are a lot of gold nuggets that can only help you succeed…


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