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How To Make Money Quickly And Easily By Selling On Ebay®?


Selling on eBay® is a great way to make money quickly and easily. You can get started today, simply by selling stuff around your house.

I have read statistics that the average person has around $2,000 worth of stuff that they don't use or need anymore.

In today's electronic age it is very easy to accumulate gadgets, cords and accessories that you may have used a few times and never again.

Just take a look around your home and look for things you haven't used in the last 3 months. They could be:

  • Clothes or shoes
  • Books, magazines, DVD's, CD's
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Hand tools
  • Electronics like old laptops, iPods, cameras, games
  • Furniture, Antiques, Collectibles

These are all items that have cash buyers waiting for them on eBay®.

selling on ebay

How To Sell On Ebay®

Now that you identified the stuff you would like to sell on eBay®, here's how to list your stuff for sale:

1) Take photos of the item with a digital camera. Take them from a few different angles and highlight any areas that are damaged.

Photos are worth a thousand words and do most of the selling, so make sure there is good light and use the best camera you have available.

2) Register with eBay®. If you haven't bought off eBay® before you will need to register here. Then log in and click the link to sell your item.

3) Pick the right category. eBay® has great selling system that is easy to follow, but you must make sure that you list your item in the correct category.

Depending on what you are selling you may be able to list in 2 different categories which will give you much more exposure.

4) Write a good descriptive title that explains your item and make sure you include words like the model number or other specific details.

This is so that when people search eBay® for your item it appears in the list.

For example if you are selling a digital camera you would list it as “Kodak Zi8 Digital Camera With 32mb Scandisk Memory Card”.

That way if somebody is searching eBay® for Kodak Zi8 or digital camera or memory card they will find your listing.

5) Write a good description.

This is where you get to sell your item. They can't hold it in their hand, so you need to explain everything about the product.

Put some effort into this because it could be the difference between getting $10 for your item or $100.

If you are selling a Kodak Zi8 digital camera go to the Kodak website and quote the specifications of the camera.

If your camera has a scratch tell them about it. Don't hide anything because you don't want any negative feedback.

A great tip is to tell the potential bidder the story about the camera and why you are selling it.

6) Provide good customer service.

When the item sells and is paid for, thank them and pack and post it straight away. Advise the buyer when it has been posted and when it should arrive.

All of these small things will result in you getting good feedback and repeat sales!

The eBay® feedback system is a brilliant way of weeding out the people doing the wrong thing, and it has created a great marketplace for everyone.

The item that sells for $0.99 demands as much attention to customer service as the item that sold for $1,000.

Don't drop your guard with customer service, as often its the negative feedback on the $0.99 item that costs you the buyer for the $1,000 item. You always want to aim for 100% feedback on eBay®.

What's Next After You've Sold Your Personal Stuff On Ebay®

After a few weeks you will have probably sold all your unwanted stuff around the house, and have pocketed a nice bit of money. So, now what?

Well, you have just built some great experience in selling on eBay® and you will know what sold for the most and which item was easiest to ship and what stuff you would stay away from selling on eBay®.

So, you need to find other ways of getting your hands on the items that made good money and were easy to ship.

You can start with friends or garage sales. the idea is to pick up the items for next to nothing and then sell them on eBay® for a nice profit.

You could advertise in the local newspaper or the shopping mall, community centers and offer to buy people's unwanted goods.

You could even offer to sell peoples unwanted or unused stuff, or the items of a deceased estate, for a commission of the total sales. People are busy and they don't have the time to do this, so you would be doing them a big favor.

As you can see eBay® is a great opportunity to make some money quickly and you could easily go on to create a great small business from.

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