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Case Study: How To Research The Niche To Maximise Success

Welcome to Day 2 of our case study. If you missed Day 1 you can find it below:

Today we are researching our niche. Even though I have already decided to “renovate” my website, I want to make sure that the resources (time and money) I put into the site are going to give me a great return.

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how to declutter

I had already researched this niche a few years ago when the website was initially built, but the declutter niche may have changed since then. I doubt it, but it will be a great exercise for you to watch.

Researching your niche correctly will determine your level of success or failure in this game.

I've seen many people skim over this part of the process. And, because of this, they don't have the confidence of knowing they are building a guaranteed $50,000+ per year business.

It's this absolute confidence that will ensure you don't add low quality content to your website (PLR), you don't hire people to build spammy backlinks to your site, you don't set up a quick Adwords campaign just to see what happens… I could go on, but you get the picture.

A $50,000+ per year online business demands a professional looking website, with quality content that genuinely helps out the reader… and makes them want to share the information with their friends and family.

And, you should want to tell your friends and family about your online business.

In the case of if someone asked what business I'm in, I would say “I help people around the world declutter their homes and offices”...

It's simple, a great conversation starter, and a legitimate business model that people can relate to. You may run it by having the business online, providing content, communicating with people via email and selling information products… But, it's a business that generates cashflow, can be operated from anywhere with an internet connection and can be sold as a ongoing concern.

It's a bit hard when you have 4 websites in different niches and people ask what you do… I know because I was there a few years ago… “Oh, I'm an internet marketer… I sell information online”. I cringe now when I think of saying that, because it was a conversation killer and I was probably being put in the same untrusted category as used car salesman and real estate agents… I apologise to the used car salesman and real estate agents I just offended, but here in Australia they are the most untrusted people according to various surveys! 

Niche Market Research

In the declutter niche I need to make sure that a large amount of people are searching online for this information and paying for it online. In some niches people will research online, but buy offline, which is obviously no good to us.

Step 1 – Google Insights

I use Google Insights to give me a quick overview of the niche. In one quick search I can see where the majority of searches come from, the keyword phrases and the trend of the searches over the last few years.

Google Insights Search For Declutter

As you can see from the screen shot above, the searches for “declutter” are increasing year after year, with a spike in searches around the beginning of January. I'm not sure why but it probably has something to do with the holidays and new years resolutions…

The Google Insights information all looks very positive. We can now use the top keyword phrases and the rising searches in the Google Keyword tool to find out how many searches are actually being conducted online.

Step 2 – Google Keyword Tool

To get a good idea of the size of the declutter market we look at the search quantities in the Google Keyword tool. Note that I use phrase match which provides a more realistic number.

Google Keyword Tool

The results are encouraging with 40,500 global monthly searches (over 10,000 is enough for me) and about $0.87 for a click on Adwords. Google has also given me 310 keyword ideas.

Now that we know people are looking for this information, we now need to determine if they are actually buying information or just wanting the free stuff… The best way to determine this is to analyse the products for sale and how well they are selling.

Step 3 – Finding Products Selling on Clickbank

The first place I go to find competitors who are making money is the Clickbank Marketplace. I've entered “declutter” into the ‘Find Products' field and Clickbank has given me a nice listing of the products based on the keyword “declutter”.

Clickbank marketplace

At the top of the list is a product called “Declutter Fast – How To Declutter Your Home”. It is paying 75% commission on a $19.97 product and the gravity is 15.78, which is great news.

From my model train niche days and selling on Clickbank, I know how hard it is to get a gravity score of 15.78 in these smaller niches. As a vendor I always fluctuated between 10 and 14, so I know a product with a gravity greater than 10 is doing okay.

[box]Gravity as explained by Clickbank…

Grav: Short for GRAVITY™ performance statistic, this number represents a unique calculation by ClickBank that takes into account the number of different affiliates who earned a commission by promoting this product over the past 12 weeks. Since more recent transactions are given a higher value, this number can give you an idea of what products are “hot” at the moment, in terms of being promoted by many affiliates and making a good number of sales. However, high gravity can also indicate that there will be a lot of competition in promoting this product. [more detail here][/box]

I'll go through the sales page of that product and buy the product (using my Clickbank affiliate link) so I get a feel for the sales process and a look at the product.

There is only the one product on Clickbank that is getting any results, which doesn't surprise me as the other product owners have no idea what a good sales page looks like. This means there is a lot of potential for a new product to do well on Clickbank.

Step 4 – Finding Products Selling on Amazon

Clickbank is great for finding information products, while Amazon is great for finding physical books and Kindle books that are selling well.

Amazon is great for customer feedback and this gives us clues as to what we should be including on our own website and product.

I searched “declutter” in Amazon and over 50 books are listed. I'm looking for at least 10 books on Amazon with more than a 4 star rating and over 50 customer reviews. Declutter books are definitely in demand on Amazon.

Amazon - Declutter book

Research Conclusion

I'll summarise the research I've just completed and tell you what I think about creating an online business from helping people declutter.

  • Google Insights showed that since 2004, searches for ‘declutter' have increased, and tend to spike at the beginning of January each year. ‘How to declutter' is the top search term, so people obviously want information. Most searches are conducted in Australia, then New Zealand, Canada, United States and United Kingdom.
  • The Google Keyword tool showed that there are 40,500 (phrase match) global monthly searches for ‘declutter' with low competition and an average Adwords cost per click of A$0.87.
  • There are many ‘declutter' focused products on Clickbank of which the majority are marketed very poorly. The best product has a gravity of 15.78 with an okay sales page, showing that affiliates are consistently selling this product, and would probably love a better product to test conversions with.
  • Amazon contains over 10 books with a 4 star rating and more than 50 customer reviews showing that the market wants this information.

I am completely convinced that there is great potential to build a successful ‘how to declutter' business online. The increase in searches shows that the market is growing from year to year as people look for more help. This is probably because they have less time and need shortcuts.

The products I have found give me a clear indication as to which information is more popular (high amount of positive customer reviews) and I'll purchase these products to experience what their other customers have experienced.

I also believe we could create a membership site for people needing help with decluttering. It could be a support group and very helpful to provide ongoing tips… But, we'll discuss this later in the case study when we talk about product creation…

What's Next

The research is done and the next step is to plan the sales funnel… This is another critical step because you want to take full advantage of EVERY visitor to the website.

>> Day 3: Defining The Sales Funnel For an Online Business

Please leave your questions or comments below…

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