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How To Position Yourself In Your Marketplace To Get Paid Top Dollar

The video below is one of those must see interviews. It's about how to position yourself in your marketplace to get paid TOP dollar. You have probably worked out by now that it is often easier to have less clients paying premium prices, than thousands of clients paying $10 or $20… but how do you do that in your business?

Chase Jarvis and Ramit Sethi tell you in the video. They are talking about marketing for photographers, but you could easily apply these gold nuggets to any offline or online business.

The video is 90 minutes long (and there is a little bit of bad language), but I guarantee you will have many aha momentsand it will be time very well invested.

Enjoy the video… click to play.

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As you will have learned, the trick to getting paid premium prices is mostly about doing the research…

You must know EXACTLY who you are selling to.

In my experience as a coach, out of 10 people that come to me for coaching, 9 of them will have no clue as to who they are actually selling to.

There is almost always this thought that they are selling their products or services to anyone and everyone, located anywhere.

They are product (or service) focused which leads to frustration when those products or services don't sell.

Creating your avatar (your John, Bob, Jane or Jill) will massively increase your conversions and give you an extremely targeted audience to focus on.

Your sales messages can then be crafted so that it speaks directly to your prospect. They will think you are reading their mind.

Find out exactly what their hopes, dreams and fears are. Learn to ask great questions and get to understand them as a person.

Then position yourself as the premium provider to those people.

[box]”Don't try to be better, try to be different!” …Chase Jarvis[/box]

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