Here’s How To Guarantee The Success Of Your Internet Marketing Business

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Clickbank sales results from an ebook that was created in 10 days and will continue to sell into the future

If you have been trying to make some money working from home, and make less than $10,000 a month, I would like to help you create a major business breakthrough and guarantee your success.

I’ve heard from a lot of frustrated people trying to create an income working from home and not getting results.

So, I decided to do something about it.

Rather than create another “how to” ebook, report or video course, I am offering to get on an “Internet Marketing Success” Skype coaching call with you for 30 minutes. I normally charge $97.00 for these calls, but today it’s FREE!

On the call we will work together to…

  • Create a crystal clear vision for your “internet marketing business success” and the “perfect lifestyle” you’d like your business to provide.
  • Uncover the challenges that may be sabotaging the success of your business and not providing the return on investment you deserve.
  • You will leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to turn your business into a highly profitable, revenue-generating machine that practically runs itself…

If you’d like to take advantage of this very special, very limited, and totally FREE 30 minute “Internet Marketing Success” coaching session (normally $97), just answer these questions in the form below or email them to

  • How long have you been internet marketing?
  • How much time do you spend internet marketing every week?
  • Which internet marketing strategy do you prefer (affiliate marketing, creating your own products, blogging, kindle books, ebook creation, eBay, selling photos online, etc.)
  • Do you have a website and if yes, what is the url?
  • How much money have you made since you started internet marketing?
  • How much money do you want to make in the next 12 months?
  • What do you see as the major challenges stopping you from making the money you want?
  • On a scale of 0-10, how important is it for you to overcome your challenges and achieve your goals quickly?
  • First and surname
  • Email address
  • Skype ID
  • Your time zone

Which areas would you most like to work on…

  • Niche Selection
  • Product Creation
  • Sales Funnel
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Outsourcing
  • Other

You can use the form below or email your answers to

Please answer all the questions below. That way we can provide the maximum value on your free coaching call.

* indicates required field

: This limited offer is FREE. Normally it’s $97, so we don’t know how intense the response will be. Please be patient and allow up to 3 business days to be contacted by our team to schedule your session.

If you don’t hear from us within 3 days, please resubmit your details. Sometimes spam filters, or other little gremlins get into the system… It’s very rare but it happens!

We look forward to being in touch soon.

  • Deane

    Hi Ian, I read a comment you left on Roz Gardner’s blog and I thought I’d stop by. I was interested that you help local businesses with their websites. My son has a degree in webdesign and is looking for something he can do on his own. That idea would be perfect for him! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Deane, thanks for stopping by.

      Yes, it’s a great little business and very profitable. Let me know if you need any help.


  • Jerrick

    I attended a free coaching with Ian. He was very patient and gave me very detailed answers to my questions. I was very impressed with his answers, and once again, thanks for the free skype coaching. It was well appreciated.

    • Thanks Jerrick, you are well on your way to being very successful.

  • Cameron

    Just had my free coaching session with Ian, and I must say it was awesome. I now have a stronger sense of certainty that I can really create a successful online business.
    Thanks again Ian!

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Cameron, that clarity is imperative to get to your end goal so much quicker. I’m glad I could help and absolutely loved helping you out.

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  • Kim

    I just got my free coaching from Ian – and I have to say amazing! He freely gave me information and advice for a site I am stuck on! I would gladly pay for that call, it was definitely worth gold in my book (but was free)!! He truly helped me get focused and gave me specific ideas for my site that I can do now. We brainstormed ideas to make it successful now, as well as ideas for the future to expand my online business! It was amazing how much we covered in that 30 minutes! I can’t thank you enough Ian! We will be chatting again very soon! Trust me, you want to talk to Ian! I hope to be yet another success story!!!

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Kim,

      It’s great to talk to enthusiastic people like yourself. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.

      Good luck,

  • Cristina

    Ian, I want to give you a huge thank you for the amazing free 30 minute coaching call. You cleared many things up for me and motivated me with all your incredible ideas and advice. You are very knowledgeable and just a pleasure to talk to. Your desire and willingness to help are so genuine. I really appreciated this. Thank you Ian!

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Cristina, I appreciate your kind words. You made it very easy for me because you were willing to consider different strategies. I can’t wait to see what success you have. Please stay in touch. Have fun, Ian.