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My Writing Strategy To Creating Quality Blog Posts Without Any Writers Block


Quality content is essential for my business online because it allows people to identify with me. They get a snippet of my knowledge, and my personality, which leads to them (hopefully) liking and trusting me and then acting on my recommendations… or buying my products ūüôā

My main strategy for writing great content is to build trust, but it is also an awesome long-term traffic strategy. My articles will eventually be ranked in the search engines which will allow people searching specific keyword phrases or sentences to see the content.

I don't focus on any search engine optimization. I only focus on producing the best content to give the reader the most value!

I have been doing this for a very long time, so it is now easy for me to find endless stuff to write about. I can also write daily without any writer's block at all… Something I struggled badly with in the beginning!

Over the years I developed a system which I'll detail below and hopefully it will help you:

What To Write About

I always keep a note of content ideas as I am browsing online. Each day I document resources and ideas that allow me to create better content and provide more value to my customers. I can then create the following posts:

  • How-To posts: the questions that the beginners usually ask.
  • List posts: the top 10 or 20 tips, places, tools.
  • A-Z posts: taking the reader from point A (where they are now) to point Z (where they want to be).
  • Definition posts: each niche has a language and terminology that needs to be explained.
  • Technical (blueprint) posts: explaining the technical part of tools and plans.
  • Theory or argument posts: the different sides of the coin.
  • Review posts – review different products and provide an opinion.

How To Title The Blog Post

The¬†title¬†I usually start with is “(Solution) Gives You¬†(Result) Without (The Pain). This format is great for getting people to read further.

I'll quickly create a title and then start writing the blog post using the content formula below. 9 times out of 10 I will have tweaked the title many times before publishing the post… That's just me and my perfectionism again!

The Writing Formula

This is the critical part to avoiding writer's block… I create a new blog post, insert my title which gives me clear direction on the solution, result and pain I am writing about. I then copy and paste my outline (below) into the post area as a starting point and then flesh it out:

Introduction: briefly explain what my post is about. Who is it for, what does it solve, what is the result, what pain/obstacle will it avoid.

Content: explain in detail the idea, the strategy, the recipe. What, why, how. Person, problem, solution. Pros, cons, action. Facts, opinion.

Call To Action: explain what they should do next – opt in, click a link, leave a comment, share the information.

Shane MeLaugh explains content patterns in more detail in the video below…

The blog post Shane referred to is here.

Publish And Share

When I have completed the post I will usually publish it straight away to avoid my perfectionism kicking in and over editing the post… Another thing I struggled for years with!

Once published on my website I then share it to my Facebook page, my Linkedin page, my Google Plus page and tweet the link.

To add some extra juice I then boost the Facebook post for a day at $5 to a lookalike audience which gives the post much better reach.

And that's it… My simple writing strategy to creating quality blog posts without any writer's block! I hope it helps you…

Have Fun,

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