My First Sale Online

The first sale is always the one you remember. It’s the one that sends a rush of excitement through your body.

It shows you, without a shadow of doubt, that you can make money online.

My first experience was when I sold a satellite TV installation in the US, while I was based in Australia.

The commission was around US$100 and I remember checking my stats about 5 times that day, because I thought they had made a mistake and it would eventually be removed.

It never got removed and it gave me the motivation I needed to continue.

Years later I had a similar rush of excitement…

I had created a model train membership site and, on average, I was selling a new membership every 2nd day. I was happy with this progress, because over time I was building a significant recurring income.

Then one day I noticed about 23 email sale notifications from Clickbank. Initially I thought there was a Clickbank glitch and they had sent out 23 duplicate emails for one sale…

I checked my stats and it was 23 separate sales… WOOHOO!!

An affiliate had promoted the product overnight and made the 23 sales. That was an incredibly exciting day!

The video below is Stu Mclaren discussing his first online sale. You are going to love it, because Stu’s first sale motivated him to make millions of dollars online, which he has done some amazing things with.

But the way this first sale happened will shock and amaze you.

Stu is also one of the creators of Wishlist Insider which is the WP plugin I use to create my membership sites.

Enjoy the video and please leave your comments below…

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Have you made your first sale online?

If yes… Tell us what it was, how it happened and how you felt. It’s fun to share these stories…

  • Michael

    I had a similar first sale moment, on a Guildwars2 niche site I have. One Guide was sold to a complete stranger on the other side of the globe. That one sale has continued to be paid each month, it is a recurring payment. So it reminds me each month that all of this is in fact do-able. My first 100$ cheque from!