Kevin McGee’s Story: Trying To Escape Being Paid By The Hour

Kevin’s story sounds just like mine was many, many years ago… Being paid by the hour for services provided, and going from a flood of work in one week to no work the next.

It’s a typical ‘technician’ strategy to focus on the work, but don’t take the time to sit down and think how can I even out the highs and lows of my income. I’ve been there and done that as an electrician and a telephone system installer, and it sucks!

There is a simple solution (which I’ll explain later), but first let Kevin tell you his story…

Kevin McGee’s story

Kevin McGee

Kevin McGee

My name is Kevin McGee and I live in Atlanta, United States.

I am a computer consultant, and work various hours. I can be intensely busy for long stretches of time to slower periods where I have a lot of free time in between gigs.

I like weightlifting, motorcycling, aquarium/ponding, woodworking, home DIY (or at least I try, but sometimes my efforts are quite comical). I also like reading tech books/materials for my job.

I am familiar with most forms of internet marketing, and have had at least made some small cash with affiliate marketing – Hostgator.  I’m yet to make money with Clickbank.

Traffic is always an issue. Most ebooks that teach free traffic strategies seem to prescribe to write articles most of the day, which is not practical for me while working.

I have also made some money on eBay and Amazon.

I tried a Squidoo lens, that I occasionally dive into, but have found it hard to strike it rich on that platform.

My blog is at I am building a list and offer digital products in the subscription. It is getting some traffic, some legit and some trackback, but at least it has a drip of traffic at this point.

It lacks direction and focus of where it needs to go to. I would like to do better overall with Clickbank and Amazon.

I have a CPA account, and Maxbounty account, but have been very leary of the CPA/Paid traffic as I can lose a lot of money very quickly with those methods if I’m not careful and it requires constant monitoring.

I would like to make a sustainable income that I can actually live on, and also pave the way for financial freedom so I do not have to work either hourly or by salary for every last cent. I would like to build residual income. Over the course of the next year or two would be great.

My latest focus is wanting to build adsense sites with free traffic and affiliate links, and/or also flip those sites. I would also like to focus on building my list bigger, without going broke, so I can also bring more profits, while providing value.


My comments to Kevin

Thanks Kevin for telling your story and the first comment I’ll make is I suggest you read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber.e-myth

I wish somebody had told me about this book before I had spent 5 years of trading my time for dollars, and having a week of 12 hour days, then the next week I would have absolutely no work.

I was always stressed about the highs and lows of my income, and this book helped me get out of the ‘technician’ way of thinking and into the entrepreneur way of thinking.

This will not only help your consulting business, but it will also improve your thinking with your internet marketing business.

I have visited your blog many times, but none of the images are displaying and there is no content on the blog. I am not sure if this is a temporary issue, but when it’s back I can comment on it.

You might want to consider your internet marketing strategy. Because, from your comments, it sounds like you have a huge amount of knowledge, but need to distill that knowledge into one strategy that you can focus on.

An example is if you choose email marketing… Then you should set up your blog, so that the only logical next step, after reading your content, is to optin. Then focus on building a relationship with your subscribers, and find out how you can help them.

You said you made a Hostgator sale as an affiliate. If you made 1, you can make 10, 100 or 1,000, because the first one is the hardest. Work out how that sale was made. How did the visitor find your website, which page did they go to, what motivated them to click your affiliate link and buy?

Once you know that information, you can then make it happen over and over again and achieve the success you desire.

Let me know what you think…


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  • vinodh

    The above comments are applicable to me as well. I have been a software consultant for past 15 years with no gap between gigs. I have a huge amount of knowledge but with no direction on how to proceed 🙂 .

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Vinodh,

      The large majority of technicians, consultants and tradespeople all operate their businesses in ‘technician’ mode. This is because they are trained to do the job and never learn to be a successful entrepreneur (which can take many years).

      Technicians usually start with a 9-5 job, and then they decide they should work for themselves, for one reason or another. This is where the problem starts, because they think like a ‘technician’ and not as an entrepreneur.

      As Michael says in his book “technician’s make the fatal assumption that if you understand the technical work of a business, you understand a business that does the technical work”…

      A ‘technician’ believes their greatest asset is their technical knowledge, but it quickly becomes their biggest liability.

      It is the cause of ‘technician’s’ getting stuck in the flood or famine cycle, and often earning less per year than their old job, while working many more hours.

      After reading The E-Myth you will have some big AHA moments.


  • vinodh

    I also thank Ian for the ebook as above

  • Kevin McGee

    Good comments and yes the “contractor/consultant feast or famine cycle”.
    I do need to pick a strategy!

    As I recall I got the hostgator affiliate sale by giving out a free ebook and doing budgeted 50.00 per month PPC.


    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Kevin,

      It’s not so much the picking of a strategy, but the entrepreneur thinking you might want to improve.

      Entrepreneurs think about the metrics, the bottom line, the profit. They master leverage, passive income and finding ways to make $1,000 in an hour. Then when they have done that, they’ll find ways to make $10,000 in an hour.

      It’s a very different way of thinking and we are conditioned by society to not think this way.

      The E-Myth will start you on that path. I taught my kids the way of the entrepreneur by playing the board game Cashflow with them. After the 2nd game they were beating me at the game because they mastered passive income very quickly and took much more risk… It was an awesome learning curve.


  • owen

    Thanks for Kevin’s story and your advice is spot on. This reminds me of an earlier email conversation we had about most people getting into the already overcrowded IM niche.
    I own the book and it’s an excellent read.

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Owen,

      I remember that, and I feel for the people that start in the IM niche, because it’s the hardest game in town and people get despondent very quickly. I have been in the IM niche for many years, and my old model train site made at least 10 times the money this website makes.

      The reason I persist with this website, is because I enjoy the interaction with people. I believe I can help and add value to peoples lives. In the model train niche there was none of that, but we made good money!