Jeff Walker Talks About Learning Versus Doing Internet Marketing

In the video below, Jeff Walker talks about something that plagues almost all internet marketers at some time… It’s that situation of doing more learning about internet marketing than implementing.

ready, fire, aimI’ve done this many times, and still do it, where I tend to be “Ready, Aim, Aim, Aim, Fire” instead of the typical entrepreneur who is “Ready, Fire, Aim“.

I used to blame it on being a perfectionist, but more recently I have realized that it is actually fear!

Fear of the unknown. Fear of what people would think of me. Fear about people responding negatively. 

Fear can be crippling!

It leads to procrastination. It leads to editing a post 10 to 20 times before publishing. It leads to 10 takes of a video, instead of doing it in one. It leads to you not realizing goals as quickly as you should.

Listen to Jeff talking about learning versus doing…

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What did you learn from this video? Tell me in the comments below…

Are you one of those internet marketers that is always reading, always researching, and always learning new stuff… When you probably know more than enough already?

The money is made by doing, not by learning.

What are you going to be doing in the next week, to move closer to your goal?

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  • Siegfried

    Hahaha I remember my first blog, it wasn’t too good, actually it was terrible. but I learned a lot and now I know a bit more 😉
    best regards!

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Siegfried,

      My first website was selling Satellite TV in the US. It was a static html site and each page was hand built. It took me months to create and it looked terrible.

      Each sale made about $100 and I remember my first affiliate sale like it was yesterday. It was a momentous occasion and showed that I could actually make money online.

      Unfortunately, I learned a BIG lesson… because I spent about 18 months on that site and then they pulled the affiliate program. Nobody outside the US was allowed to promote satellite TV installs in the US… My business disappeared overnight!

      At the time it was a disaster, but it it actually made me a much better and more strategic internet marketer.

      Have Fun,

  • Siegfried

    first blog i set up was to track my team in Rosetta@home. Then I added some personal posts and one day added adsense. Since then I am blogging with random frequency, have three websites, trying to change my lifestyle a bit.
    Best regards!

  • Alison

    Hi Ian,
    This is a very timely reminder for me at the moment. I have tons of content sitting in Evernote for a website I have in mind – just need to get down and start building the site! It is not fear or anything like that – I just LOVE the research stage – I was researcher in another life! But there definitely is a point when after identifying the niche, keywords, where the traffic is and gathered the content – to actually act on the information.
    Righto I will start this week!!

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Alison,

      How is the liquid rubber business online?

      Have you considered cutting out the Evernote part of your research and going direct to a relevant WordPress blog post?

      You can schedule posts for a future date, or create drafts.

      I found Evernote to be a trap… It became a nice filing system of awesome information that I kept adding to and never using!

      Now, I do an hour (maximum) of research and then the information goes straight into a scheduled blog post in bullet form. The scheduled date becomes a deadline and I use those bullet points to expand into paragraphs.

      This works exceptionally well and forces me to publish (instead of just researching), which creates more opportunity for me to earn money, even if it’s just a click on an ad.

      I also use the plugin ‘SOUP – Show Off Upcoming Posts’ which displays those scheduled posts in the sidebar. Visitors can’t access the posts until they are published, but it gives readers an idea of what’s coming, and most importantly it forces me to get the post finished before the scheduled date.

      Try it, you’ll be amazed at the amount of publishing you get done.

      Have Fun,