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Ian McConnell – Helping YOU Set Up An Online Business

Ian McConnell

Ian McConnell

Hi, my name is Ian McConnell and in the last 6 years I have built a full time income online.

Whilst it's great that I finally got there, it was a very bumpy ride along the way… And I want to share my mistakes and what I did to finally succeed at making money on the internet.


Zimbabwe, Africa

Having grown up in Zimbabwe it was a huge culture shock when we moved to Australia in 1998…

In Zimbabwe I went from being the owner of a security company, to selling it for a high 6 figure sum.

I stayed on as the Managing Director of that company, which we grew to 41 employees, manufacturing and installing automatic gates, electric fencing, security doors and alarms.

Moving to Australia in 1998 meant a huge change… The lack of money was the worst, because the Zimbabwe dollar was absolutely worthless anywhere else in the world.

Alice Springs, Australia

I also had to go back to working on the tools to be accepted into Australia and complete a trade test as my qualifications where not accepted as an Electrician.

It was a stressful time… but well and truly worth it!

It still sends a shiver down my spine when I think of the day I started work in Alice Springs.

Not only was I in the center of the desert in Australia, but the climate was extremely hot and dry… And my body was just not used to the physical work.

Fortunately, this was a blessing… As a family, we bonded more and the experiences from living in Alice Springs were some of the best ever.

Fast forward 2 years and we moved to be on the coast in Bunbury, Western Australia.

This was the best move we could have made and have been here ever since. After 18 months of working for a local electrical contractor in Bunbury, the urge to be self-employed again had to be satisfied.

Bunbury, Western Australia

Bunbury, Western Australia

I started a new business installing telephone systems in commercial premises.

After 3 years I sold this business for a mid 5 figure sum and then tried the fly in, fly out work as an Electrician on the mines.

That lasted 3 months because I just hated being away from my Wife and kids.

I think it would have been different if we had something interesting to do on the mines, but often we were paid a great hourly rate to do mundane jobs like changing light globes, clean the dust out of motors, tighten screws…

…And then there was all the safety paperwork, the red dust that would soak into your skin, the boredom… aaargh!

Any entrepreneur at heart would struggle in this position.

It did give me time to explore other opportunities and that's when I learned about blogging and selling information products…

I remember when I first took my Wife out on a date… Everything just clicked and I knew she was the one. And that's what happened when I started blogging… I just knew blogging was the one.

Blogging and creating information products is something I am extremely passionate about. Sometimes I still can't believe that the first ebook I wrote went on to sell over 1,500 copies in the first 12 months at $27 a copy and is still selling strong.

And then, in this little hobby niche, I created a membership site which at the time of writing has had over 4,000 members ($27 per month).

This is a great business and I get so much enjoyment from helping people set up their blog based on their passions in life and then monetizing it.

Enjoy my blog, because I have so much more to share with you…

Have fun!

Ian McConnell