How To Give Yourself A Bigger Chance Of Winning In This Game

It can be very frustrating spending hour after hour building a great website only to find that it is very hard to get targeted traffic to your site, or that the traffic doesn’t convert.

To avoid this you must do your research. This will take a few hours but will give you a great idea of who your competitors are and if there is any money in the niche.

Here are the resources I recommend:

  • Compete – gives you in depth market intelligence. See how much traffic a web site gets, who’s sending the traffic, and if the web site is gaining popularity or losing it. The best resource for doing market research.
  • Alexa – is one of the oldest market research tools online. Their clickstream capability makes it a very powerful tool to use when looking at where the traffic is coming from to a particular CPA offer.
  • Quantcast – is a great market research tool for providing a vast amount of demographic data which is very useful when getting traffic from facebook and myspace.
  • Google ad planner – their main strength is that they tell you “affinity”, which simply means where the traffic is coming from, and where it’s going. They also have powerful demographic data.
  • Spyfu – is a great tool to spy on competitors to see their ads and keywords.