How To Get Traffic To Your Website?

If you have been internet marketing for some time, you have probably worked out that doing the research, picking a niche and setting up the website is the easier part of internet marketing… The hard part is getting traffic to your website!

I have seen many “ugly” websites do well because of the sheer amount of traffic they get.

I’ll never forget the model train affiliates I was coaching a few years ago. They were obsessed with getting the right theme, making sure the copy on the page was correct, taking weeks to get the free offer built and neglected traffic…

Then one day I logged into my Clickbank account and noticed about 20 new sales from an affiliate who had never promoted before. Digging through my analytics I found the page he had sent traffic from…

It would have been the ugliest squeeze page I have ever seen and the traffic was going from the optin, direct to to my sales page via his affiliate link. There was no blog and no other content.

He had the squeeze page online within an hour and was sending traffic as a test. His focus was on getting 100+ visitors to the page each day and if he could do that consistently he was going to upgrade the squeeze page.

That affiliate made thousands of sales (average $100/sale) and at today’s date has NEVER upgraded the squeeze page.

I would estimate that his optin rate would be less than 10%, but he has so much traffic going to the page, that his end result (profit) is greater than someone getting a 50% optin rate.

Every working minute of his time is dedicated to traffic generation.

And he has built so much momentum over the last few years, that he can now afford to pay Google’s pay per click prices and leverage his income even further… He built out a blog for this and sends the Google PPC traffic to the blog which has a call to action for the optin page.

Just as a brick and mortar business would be advertising in 10 or 20 different places to get customers, you need to have 10 or 20 different strategies to get visitors to your website.

Traffic is hard work initially and that’s probably why there is a large failure rate in internet marketing.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be covering many different traffic strategies (free and paid) in detail. Some of these will be:

  • Ad Swaps
  • Article Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Blog Commenting
  • Email Marketing
  • Facebook
  • Forum Marketing
  • Free reports
  • Giveaways
  • Guest Blogging
  • Integration Marketing
  • Joint Ventures
  • Link Exchanges
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Signatures
  • Social Networking
  • Video Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Word of Mouth

Interested in more traffic to your website? Let me know in the comments below.

Here’s How John Thornhill Got Over 2 Billion Page Impressions with Free Traffic

  • Michael

    Certainly interested in improving traffic Ian, I am culling a lot of my sites that only distracted me, leaving me to spin my wheels, so I am focusing on 3-4 sites and implementing sane methods.

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Michael,

      I agree, those old days of being in more than 1 niche are gone. You’ll find that to do well, you will need to be a market leader by tying all the different traffic strategies together.


  • Justin

    Great topic Ian! Can’t wait to learn how you use blog commmenting to drive traffic to your site. I have always been shy to leave comments because I don’t want to come off as a “spammer”. Eager to learn, thanks!

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Justin,

      Blog comments that add value to the conversation are always welcome and position you as the expert. I’ll show you a few examples in the next few days.


  • Javier

    What traffic source did this affiliate use to get 100+ visits per day to the squeeze page so quickly?

    I’m very intrigued.

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Javier,

      He used most of the strategies in the list… I’ll be covering these in great detail over the next few weeks.


  • Shola

    Hi Ian,

    I like the way you told how the model train affiliates were so obsessed about getting everything right before launching, which is something I think a lot of people do when starting. I too have been guilty of this.

    Coming from an offline world to ply my trade online has been a difficult transition and I completely agree with your description of a bricks and mortar business advertising in 10-20 places to drive customers into their stores. It’s just about finding the 10-20 traffic sources worth doing online to replicate this practice so I’m keen to see your advice on this.

    Great piece!

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Shola,

      I also came from an offline business world and the biggest mistake is people using 1 or 2 traffic strategies to generate leads when they should have at least 10.

      1 strategy may cost $10 to get a lead while the next strategy costs $2 for a lead… But, the average is $6 per lead and as long as you are making more than $6 of lifetime value of each lead you are in front.


  • Rob Maeder

    I’m very close to launching my first online product, and getting traffic is my biggest hurdle right now.

    Everything else is straightforward, and like you said, you see results quickly. But getting traffic either takes time or money (or both) and it’s hard to know what works and what’s worth your time and money.

    Definitely looking forward to your insights!

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Rob,

      You are exactly right that traffic takes resources like time or money (or both), so there is actually NO such thing as free traffic… People wrongly perceive that the traffic they generate by using their time as free. But, they could use the same time to earn some cash to pay for a PPC campaign or be earning $10 an hour and paying someone else $5 an hour to do the same thing but at twice the leverage.

      When I say that, people usually think they have to work more hours at their job or get a 2nd job. They forget the huge amount of skills they have gained by building a WordPress blog, setting up autoresponders, creating videos, etc. to get their website to where it is now. There are other people who would gladly pay for these skills (especially brick and mortar businesses).

      The other mistake I see all the time is people not tracking their conversions. All traffic strategies work but you can’t manage what you don’t measure.


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  • Owen

    I think traffic is probably one of the hardest parts of having an online business, so I will appreciate help. I’m not against paying to learn, but with so many IM’s selling various courses, I get confused and never know what is useful. I had a look at John Thornhill’s course from your link, but at that price, not sure if it’s really good.He must have a monthly upsell to learn all the technique’s. Kim Roach also has a course in traffic out.
    For the moment, as you are one of the 5 IM’s, I subscribe to, I will follow your ideas and implement.

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Owen,

      Thank-you, I am honored that I am one of the 5 people you subscribe to…

      You are right that John has an upsell and Kim has a new traffic dashboard… But, the truth is you probably don’t need any of those products.

      Generating targeted and consistent traffic is actually quite simple, but the majority of people get it completely wrong.

      And, I believe they get it wrong because they buy generic traffic how-to products which takes them in 10 (or more) of the wrong directions… I see this problem in almost every coaching client.

      Owen, if you are keen, tell me what offer you are trying to generate traffic for and I’ll give you a traffic plan. You can then implement it and report back with results.


  • Alison

    Hi Ian, I really enjoy reading your blog; practical, sensible and with minimum hype. I am in the steep learning curve of a newbie at the moment.

    We are an off-line trade business selling a physical product on-line – this is my little baby. The website site, shopping cart and blog all started. And I am actually selling our product – a nice little side line.

    And all great fun – I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about IM and have started implementing to our off-line business as well. Though of course need to keep the momentum going. Many thanks for sharing.

    Cheers Alison

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Alison for the feedback, I appreciate it.

      I’ve owned numerous off-line businesses… so, if you need help please don’t hesitate to ask.

      I had a look at your website and was intrigued with the liquid rubber. It looks like a sensational product.