How To Get Free Traffic To Your Website With Inbound Marketing

If you are struggling to get ‘targeted’ traffic to your website, then the video below will certainly help you.

Targeted traffic is the type of visitor that is looking for exactly what you are offering and usually results in a very high conversion rate of 50% or more.

Now, I know that not everyone can afford paid advertising, and some people are scared of blowing through their advertising quickly and not getting a result. If this is you, then the next best option is what Dr. Anthony Fernando from Market Samurai calls Inbound Marketing.

In the video below Dr. Anthony explains outbound and inbound marketing with an analogy of 2 photographers working for the National Geographic magazine. They have both been given the same assignment, which is to capture photographs of the elusive leopard in Africa.

Both photographers use completely different strategies with vastly different results, showing why inbound marketing is so effective.

Enjoy the video… Click to play!

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  • Leo

    Hey Ian – lightbulb moment!

    I’m one of those dummies who was writing blog posts and articles without doing this keyword research.

    Just so obvious now I’ve seen the light. This is going to change everything and with perfect timing as I just about to begin my new blog and write some Kindle books.

    Thank you for sharing these vids. I’m a convert to Market Samurai and will be adding to your income by buying it shortly. 🙂



    • Thanks Leo,

      In the less competitive niches (like model trains) this strategy works very well. The secret sauce is monitoring the traffic and making sure your calls to action on the page convert well.

      I loved the analogy with the photographers and leopard as this drives the concept home.

      Have Fun