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How To Document Yourself To A 6-Figure A Year Business


Are you one of those online business non-starters? Do you talk about how you are going to do this or that someday when this or that has happened?

I see and hear the excuses as a business coach all the time!

In business, the scorecard is the bottom line… It's the net profit!

People tell me they start online businesses because it's easy! The costs are low, they don't have to talk to people face to face, they don't need staff or office space and the profit margins are huge… But this thinking is where they go wrong!

Running a highly successful business online requires you to talk to people, to coach people one-on-one to get them results. Then you take those teachings and results to expand into an information product that can be sold thousands of times…

Because you have credibility! You can show how others got results from your teachings!

Building credibility is where you need to start. People need to see, read and hear that you know what you are on about. They need to hear the passion in your voice. They need to hear you explain things 10 different times, in different ways, in different modes… so they get it!

So, how do you start building credibility and trust?

You document everything you know online where your potential clients will see it!

You document everything you know… You put this online where your potential clients will see it!

Gary Vaynerchuck says to document versus create! Watch the video now…

NOTE: Gary V likes to swear, so if swearing offends you please don't watch the video!

Stop thinking, stop pondering, stop strategizing, stop debating… Get over the fear and DOCUMENT!

Gary Vaynerchuck

Don't care about the camera, the lighting or the blog theme… Just get in the game by creating content. Document EVERY day on what you have learned, what you have done, what opinions you have, what results you have achieved or not achieved.

Document EVERY day and preferably multiple times a day… You are not trying to be a guru, you are just documenting your journey. There is going to be thousands of people around the world who are not at your stage of learning yet, and they are going to find your content valuable.

You can crush it doing video blogging…

You can crush it doing blogging (writing)…

You can crush it doing a podcast (audio)…

You can crush it in any niche or passion you have…

The internet is full of people make 6 figures (and more) a year talking about model trains (me a few years ago), applying makeup, decorating balloons, underwater kickboxing and other wonderful niches we don't even know exist!

You just need 1,000 people from anywhere in the world to pay you $100 per year and you have a $100,000 business… This is easily achievable by most people!

Start Documenting TODAY!

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