How To Create Great Content For Your Blog Or Membership Site

There is nothing worse than staring at a blank screen and wondering what content to create for your blog or membership site.

I’ve noticed that often what I think people will want to read is often the least commented on content… While the times I’ve thought of something and just “thrown” it up quickly, that gets the most likes, shares or comments. It ALWAYS catches me by surprise!

However, one thing I have noticed is that you need to be prolific. You need to be constantly creating new content to keep your readers engaged and entertained, or they will go somewhere else…

So, how do you create this content… And do it quickly?

Watch the video for all the answers… Click to play!

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Questions, Comments, Feedback?

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  • This is a really great video, Ian. I never thought about recording information as I talk about it and then transcribing it so it’s more natural. Great idea!

    • On a Mac it is super simple… Hit fn twice and talk. It’s a great dictation tool and once you have trained it, it is very accurate.

      Have Fun