How To Correctly Set Up YouTube Videos So They Rank Well In Google

YouTube videos are presently the easiest way to get free traffic from Google. It is so much easier than trying to rank a page, but there is a certain way to set up your YouTube videos to ensure you get the quality traffic you are looking for.

In the video below Dr. Anthony Fernando from Market Samurai explains the steps (in detail) to creating YouTube videos that are almost guaranteed to rank highly in Google… And how to monitor them daily to ensure they stay there (very important)!

Enjoy the video… Click to play!

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  • Leo

    Hi Ian

    Thanks for this simple, easy-to-understand vid. Excellent and just what I need.

    A couple of questions:

    1 Have you compared Market Samurai with SECockpit? I’m very interested to know your thoughts about the comparison.

    2 I notice your email sign-up form on this page looks like a basic Aweber form. And yet you recommend Hybrid Connect with all it’s bells and whistles.

    Again, I’m very interested to know your reasoning and why you use such a simple form, when HC suggests their approach is more effective.



    PS I enjoyed your walkabout vid on this page. Nice. Simple. Real.

    • Thanks Leo,

      I have been using Market Samurai for many years so I am very familiar with how it works. I bought SECockpit when it was very first released and didn’t like the interface.

      It’s probably because I was so used to Market Samurai and I believe SECockpit has made massive changes since then. I should probably try it again…

      My email capture is created with a WordPress plugin called WP Optin Pro. I am testing this as well as another plugin called Scroll Triggered Box which pops an optin box in the bottom right as you scroll down the page (I’ll have this working next week).

      Hybrid-Connect was conflicting with my theme (which their support is correcting) and I was looking for some similar plugins that were free (for my subscribers).

      Have Fun