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Case Study: How To Configure A Website To Maximise Conversions

Welcome to Day 4 of our case study and the “renovation” of…

Today is the exciting bit (or so I think)!

If you missed day 1,2 & 3 of the case study, you can find them below:

Today we are going to reconfigure the website to maximise conversions. 

Enjoy the video…

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Watch on YouTube: How To Configure A Website To Maximise Conversions

The image below shows how used to look like before the “renovation”.

It was originally created with search engine optimized content and the idea was that this content would attract organic traffic from the search engines to the site, which would then click on the Adsense ads…

…In the first month it made about $2.38 from 6 clicks and not another cent since!

Unrelated Adsense ads on website

There a few problems with this website layout and the strategy:

  1. The website is cluttered and needs decluttering itself.
  2. The header image provides the wrong impression… A before and after image would tell the story better.
  3. The Adsense ads are completely unrelated which lowers conversion. This is because in the “old” days Google would serve ads based on the content. But now with remarketing, most of the ads you see on websites are based on your search habits. The other issue is that there are not many advertisers in the declutter niche.
  4. Reliance on search engine traffic makes it an unreliable earner, or NONE earner in this case…

Here's how I'm going to fix

  1. Remove all advertising. I don't want any leaks to other websites.
  2. Change the WordPress Theme to OptimizePress. This will allow me to create a blog, squeeze pages, sales pages, launch pages and membership pages within the same theme.
  3. Install a new header image with a before and after image. I'll use someone on to do this.
  4. Make EVERY post on the site into a squeeze page. This is to build the asset (email list) quickly.

build a list of prospects
My strategy is to have MANY high quality posts with an optin box at the top and bottom of the post. There will be NO product offers on the website at all.

The sole intention of this website (initially) will be to build a large database of people interested in decluttering. This will be done with high quality content that will impress them and they will want to provide their email and be advised of updates. I'll use Aweber to do this.

The high quality content will build the relationship and some of the content may contain offers. The offers will only be made if it is relevant to the content.

What’s Next

The next step is to implement these changes… It will look like a professional, uncluttered site without ads and be optimized to get the optin. The emphasis will be on a great user experience.

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Please leave your questions or comments below…

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