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How To Build a Landing Page For Your Website

A landing page is also known as a squeeze or optin page. It's function is to offer a free report, video, audio or something similar in exchange for the visitors name and email address.

This is the most important page of your website because it allows you to build a list of subscribers that are interested in what you have to offer and want to know more.

If you only ever built a landing page, and never built another page on your website, you could create a full time income with some effective email marketing to that subscriber list.

Anybody that has operated an online business for some time will tell you that the money is in the list they built.

Imagine having 1,000 responsive subscribers that you can survey, ask what they want in a product and even what they are willing to pay for the product! How powerful would that be?

You can then create the product based on their responses, offer it to them and get a massive sales conversion. No more guessing what the market wants, you will be giving them exactly what they asked for and with a clever launch strategy you keep them invested in the creation of the product, so when you release the product they are so excited they skip the sales message looking for the “Buy Now” button.

There is nothing better…KACHING… KACHING… KACHING…

By now you're probably thinking… “Okay I need a landing page… How do I create one?”

Actually, it's very easy… But then I have been doing this stuff for over 4 years and have some lists with over 10,000 subscribers!

The easiest way is to watch this video on buying a domain, setting up your hosting and setting up a WordPress Blog.

Then you watch this video which shows you the Optimizepress theme (skin) you need to set up your landing pages.

Then you need an autoresponder service that will capture the name, email, IP address, etc. It will also allow you to create follow up messages which will go out automatically to your subscribers on pre-determined intervals. I recommend Aweber.

Remember your free gift has to be valuable enough for the visitor to want to part with their name and email. And then you need to create a headline, bullet points and a call to action that is compelling.

If you don't get this right your conversion rate will be very low. The industry average is about 20%. That is for every 100 visits to your landing page, 20 people enter their name and email to subscribe.

If you are not familiar with creating a compelling offer you can expect a very low conversion rate. This can get expensive if you are paying for advertising to get clicks to your landing page and the conversion is low.

Remember, you can only make money from selling products or services to subscribers on your list. So, if you are paying for the clicks to your website with paid advertising (Google, Bing or Facebook PPC ads) or your time (article, video or social marketing) you want to make sure you are getting the best possible conversion.

Here's an example…

1,000 visits x 20% landing page conversion = 200 subscribers. If the advertising cost $200 for those 1,000 visits the cost per subscriber would be $1.00

1,000 visits x 5% landing page conversion = 50 subscribers. If the advertising cost $200 for those 1,000 visits the cost per subscriber would be $4.00

Conversions are maximized by testing various landing pages using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Optimizer.

Look too hard and you just want to pay an expert to set it all up for you within the next few days? Stay tuned to see how to get this done and an even better strategy

In every community there is a portion of people that are impulse buyers. They just want to buy something now! So, we've created a one time offer strategy to satisfy those impulse buyers…

In the video below I explain the 3 components of a good list building strategy that caters for the average subscriber and the impulse buyers…

The components to this strategy are:

  1. A landing page, also known as a squeeze or optin page. Just a short concise message, an offer and a call to action. The visitor either enters their name and email to get access to the offer, or they close the page. There should be no other distractions.
  2. A one time offer page. This is for the people that want to buy something now, the impulse buyers. Generally, about 8% of people will buy straight away, without you having built a relationship. The offer on this page should be something they won't get somewhere else… a 50% discount or 2 products for the price of one.
  3. The give away page. This is where they get what you promised them. The video, audio or the free report.

Now you have seen the complete strategy and could go away and implement this yourself… It is an effective cash machine!

But, remember, you only build your email list and make the money by promoting your landing page. You have to send people to the landing page and get them through the process to make some money.

Your time is better spent promoting your landing page… That's where the money is!

The quicker you get the mechanics of this strategy set up, the quicker you can promote the landing page and make some money…

I am offering a complete done for you service which includes:

  1. A 30 minute strategy call where we discuss your landing page requirements.
  2. A research report which identifies the demographics of your market (gender, age group, countries), your competitors and the keyword phrases people are “Googling” to find your product. This information is critical in purchasing your domain and search optimizing the landing page. (value $300.00)
  3. Setting up a landing page on your domain and hosting with all the copy and graphics. You supply the video, report or audio you are giving away. (value $500.00)
  4. Setting up a complete one time offer page with all the copy, graphics and a link to your product or someone else's (affiliate product). (value $700.00)
  5. Setting up a complete give away page with all the copy and graphics. (value $200.00)
  6. Setting up the integration so that when a name and email is entered on the landing page and the button clicked, the details are added to your autoresponder and then the one time offer is shown with relevant links to the offer and give away. (value $400.00)
  7. Setting up the privacy, terms, about, contact and disclaimer pages. (value $500.00)
  8. Setting up Google Analytics and the goals to allow you to monitor the landing page conversion of all your traffic sources including the organic traffic. (value $150.00)
  9. A 30 minute targeted traffic call where I coach you how to get the targeted visits to your landing page based on the budget and time you have available. I'll also teach you what to monitor in Google Analytics to ensure you are not wasting your time or money (value $150)

That is over $2,900.00 of value for a complete cash machine… But, I'm not going to charge you that much… I want to see you succeed!

If you act today, you can have the complete service for $997

But this offer won't last , so act today…

Want just a portion of the above services or have different requirements? Contact us now to discuss your project and we'll show you the easiest and fastest way to get your lead capture system up and running.

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