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Happiness Comes From Making One Simple Decision Today


In 2014 my son and I travelled around New Zealand for 2 months. We had an amazing time and created memories that will last forever… But what was so noticeable was the happiness I felt almost every day!

It was incredible… I felt alive and excited and energised almost all of the time! I enjoyed the minimalisticĀ living, waking up in different places, the different smells and sounds, the friendly people. I was in full holiday mode!

Fortunately, both my son and I run businesses online, so as long as the caravan park had wifi we could do our hour or 2 of work every day. This trip was the first real test to see if we could both do it and it worked out incredibly well.

Ian McConnell NZ trip

But things changed when I got back home… As I settled into my old routine I noticed my happiness was subsiding and most days I was feeling blah! I thought it was the “after holiday blues” but it dragged on for weeks…

And, I should never feel blah, because I work from home, or the coffee shop, or the housesit, or anywhere I want, for however long (or short) as I want! It's a freaking awesome way to live… And I have an awesome wife and 2 sons too šŸ™‚

I wondered if there was a way to be in “holiday mode” at home, all of the time…

I did some research and came across Tony's video (below). Then I realised my simple mistake!

Have a listen…

What were your takeaways? Tell me in the comments below.

For me, it was the one simple decision to always live in a beautiful state every day, no matter what, even when things don't go my way. It was also to be growing (improving) constantly in every area of my lifeĀ and giving to increase fulfilment.

As Tony says, our brains are naturally wired to help us survive. It is always looking for what is wrong… So that tends to be our focus… You get what you focus on!

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