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You Can Make A Huge Impact Online, But Only If You Embrace Change!


I was talking to a coaching student today about the exciting online business opportunities that exist today. This is because of the HUGE take up of smart phones and iPads.

It truly is a wonderful time to have an online business.

Just before I sold the model train website I noticed a big change in the support requests. People started asking much more iPad related questions.

Then I read some research about the baby boomers leading the way with the purchases of iPads. That's when I realised that an iPad has become the perfect gift for a boomer. It's mobile, big enough to be read easily and simple to operate.

This made me remember the Seth Godin video I had watched at the beginning of the year. Seth talked about the necessity to embrace change and the ease that almost anyone could market in any niche… and have a profound impact if they wanted to.

I saw it with my model train site. $359,515.79 in 23 months where I had major players and competitors with magazines that were 1/3rd of the price of my product and had been operating for many decades. I came into the market and took a nice chunk of it, because the internet and these platforms has given us the ability to compete.

Okay it wasn't as simple as just blogging each day… I went from blogging to creating an ebook to a membership site and then selling the site. But, what I achieved can very easily (and much more quickly) be applied to any other niche. It's a simple strategy that just works.

Now people make a GREAT income blogging about what they are wearing each day… It's almost simple to find a global audience that wants to hear what you have to say.. and then gladly hand over some cash if you provide enough value.

You'll enjoy this video about the ‘forever recession' because (fortunately) as internet marketers we are positioned to do incredibly well from this… But we need to embrace the change!


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