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Are You A Doer Or Gonna Doer? Only One Succeeds.


Joan Otto asked the question “Is there such a thing as financial good luck?” on the Man vs Debt blog, and it made me remember a few discussions I've had with some coaching students…

Man vs Debt

One of them is about creating your own financial good luck. 

Coaching students are almost always 1 of 2 kinds… they are either doers, or gonna doers.

The doers tend to be more of the silent achiever type. If they run into a technical issue they'll search YouTube or Google for an answer and save the coaching time and email access for high quality questions. They get lots of buy buttons out there quickly and spend the majority of their day promoting.

When I talk about ‘buy buttons' it's a general term that I use. A buy button could be different things like a link or button to buy your own product, a link or button for an affiliate product, or an Adsense ad where you get paid for the click, etc. It's something that earns you $$. 

The gonna doers are the ones that ask question, after question, after question… They want to get everything perfectly right. They want perfect clarity. They want to make absolutely certain they are working the right strategy, or are in the right niche, or have the right WordPress theme, or the perfect blue background on their website… They are so busy getting everything perfect, that they don't have any time left in the day to promote!

The doers create their own financial good luck because they appear everywhere and become authorities… While the gonna doers are still getting everything perfectly organised and think the doers just got lucky!

A perfect example is Fraser Cain who blogs about space and astronomy at Universe Today. Fraser is a doer.

He gets up to 5 million page views per month and generates 5 figures per month from Google Adsense ads. These are VERY impressive stats…

Universe Today Blog

But, if you looked at his blog you will notice it's actually quite plain looking, with a very simple monetization strategy (Adsense).

Fraser's focus is on being prolific in providing great content for his space and astronomy blog, and being the first to report on anything new in his niche.

This is the difference between a doer and a gonna doer.

The doer (Fraser) is focused on tasks that produce the best return (content and being the first to report new findings), while the gonna doer would be spending their time making the site look like a million dollars, and then do it again after a month, because they thought it could look better!

Each time new content is created at Universe Today it adds new buy buttons (Adsense ads) and gives Fraser new opportunities to make more money… Fraser is creating his own financial good luck.

Now… I have to admit that a few years ago I was guilty of being a HUGE gonna doer. I would change the theme on my blog because one day I woke up and didn't like it… Even though I was the only one visiting my blog!

I would find every excuse to do something more exciting all day, so I had no time in the day to do the hard work (promote).

It took a coach to get me to stop changing themes, playing with plugins and widgets, jumping from product to product, strategy to strategy, niche to niche… And focus on promotion with new content, blog commenting, forum threads, etc.

Prior to coaching I was lucky to make $100 a day. While being coached, I made over $80,000 in less than 12 months… An awesome return on the $5,000 coaching fee!

I converted from a gonna doer to a doer and created my own financial good luck. 

So, absolutely YES YOU CAN make a significant contribution to creating your own financial good luck. I also believe that some people are blessed by being in the right place at the right time. But you can't control those, they just happen.

What you can control is how many buy buttons you get out there and how hard you promote…

How are you creating your own financial good luck?

If you want to learn more about Fraser Cain's success with Universe Today you should listen to Pat Flynn interviewing Fraser Cain here. It's an inspiring interview.

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