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Duncan Flynn’s Story: Creating A Tango Community Online


While I was working in the model train niche, I noticed a lot of irrational behavior.

I came across retirees who had spent over $30,000 on their model trains. Some, I suspect, had spent a lot more, but hadn't kept a record of their expenses, or just weren't willing to publicly say what they had spent.

I heard stories of model railroaders buying locomotives for hundreds of dollars, that they didn't need. These people usually already had a collection of 10, or 20, or more locomotives (which they had paid around $500 to $1,500 each for) and they would probably never use.

I saw photos, where people had made structural changes, costing thousands of dollars, to their house to accommodate their new model railroad. Some model trains ran from room to room, through carefully constructed holes in walls, (made to look like tunnels) in people's houses. I often wondered how much it was going to cost to repair all those holes, and make good, when they decided to sell and move on.

There was so much irrational behavior…

When I first saw this behavior in the model train niche, I put it down to people that either had too much time or too much money. But, that wasn't the case at all. Most of these people had full time jobs, and had spent almost all of their money on model trains.

Over years and years, they had skillfully crafted these masterpieces with what seemed like complete disregard to the cost or the time it was taking.predictably-irrational

It fascinated me and then I came across this book which explained it all. You see, we are all predictably irrational and it shapes our decisions.

In Duncan's case he is passionate about Tango… He will be predictably irrational about Tango, and anything to do with Tango.

Who better to create an online community on Tango than someone who is predictably irrational about Tango?

Duncan will know what a beginner needs to learn Tango. He will know what a competitive intermediate needs to know, and he will know what a professional needs.

But, first let Duncan tell you his story…

Duncan Flynn's Story

Duncan Flynn

My name is Duncan Flynn and I live in Brisbane, Australia. I am self employed and work when I want too, which sometimes is not enough 🙂

My passion is Tango, teaching Tango, learning Tango… oh, did I mention Tango!

I have bought a number of wso's (warrior special offers), 200 in fact, plus a membership course to learn internet marketing.

I created the funnypoets.com site. I had it for 5 years, sold some adsense stuff, and then sold the site.

The websites I now own are:


My goal is to make $857 a month in the next 12 months, $8,457 a month in the next 2 years and $83,457 a month in the next 6 years

If you would like to read more about me, go to 91days.com/duncansbio.htm. Here is a snippet…

His track record speaks for itself; successful businessman, entrepreneur, trainer and speaker. Author of 5 books and manager of a website that, after just one year is attracting over 20,000 visitors a month.

My Comments To Duncan

Congratulations Duncan on your success, you have an awesome track record.

From the websites you own, I can see that you are in 3 very different niches – Tango on the Sunshine Coast, getting a girlfriend and marketing.

You are obviously very passionate about Tango. But, before I comment further, it would be helpful if you could tell me where you are focused now.

Each one of those websites requires a very different strategy because of the niche. They also require different strategies within the niche. For example targeting Tango locally in the Sunshine Coast requires a very different strategy to building an online community on Tango.

I look forward to your comments.

Have Fun,

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