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How To Create Your Own Information Product In Less Than 2 Hours


You probably already know that selling information products on the internet is a great business, right?

All it requires is getting traffic to a sales page which offers a downloadable information product with the solution to the visitors problem.

Within 2 minutes the person with the problem could be reading the solution you provide on their computer screen.

It is a win-win situation.

The person with the problem finds the solution, in exchange for $27 (or similar), and as the owner of the digital product you get to sell this digital product 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to people with this problem around the world.

Your overheads are minimal and in other articles I've explained how to find targeted visitors.

But, the part that most people stumble on is creating the digital product. They decide on the subject, create the table of contents and then get stuck. I've seen people take 2 years to create a 150 page ebook.

I thought I was doing well when I wrote an ebook in 14 days which went on to sell over 1,500 copies. But there is a much easier way and that is with PLR content.

What is PLR?

PLR is private label rights. They are products that someone has created and they sell rights to that product. The product usually comes with a sales page and graphics. You can buy rights to that material and then sell the product as your own. You get to keep 100% of the profit.

This is a huge shortcut and in most cases you can recover the cost of buying the PLR material with just 3 or 4 sales.

But, don't make the mistake of selling the PLR product as it is.

You need to make the product your own. Just a little bit of effort will produced significantly better results.

Before you buy the PLR material you want to make sure that you are allowed to change the graphics, change the name of the product and credit you as the author.

Changing the name of the product will immediately provide a point of difference.

You want your sales page and digital product graphics to look different to any others on the internet. For less than $100 you can have a sales page header and footer and ebook graphics created.

Now you have a product that is unique and looks like great value. The packaging is very important as I'm sure you will know from your own buying habits.

The next step is to improve the actual digital product. If it is an ebook this can easily be done by adding borders, changing fonts and adding some color.

Read the ebook and improve it. Expand on some points, check the grammar and typos. Make it as good as you would like it to be, but don't spend too much time on this.

A great idea is to buy 3 or 4 different PLR products, but on the same subject matter, and create a membership site from the material. Getting paid $27 per month from the same customer is much easier than having to find new customers all the time.

PLR material is a great shortcut and if you can't find PLR material for your niche, I would suggest you reconsider the niche. Usually a lack of PLR content is a sign that there may not be any money in that niche.

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