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How To Choose An Online Business Niche?

This blog post is to answer one of the most common questions I get asked… “How do I choose a niche?”  There are lots of variations to the question like… Which niche should I choose? Do I need to be passionate about my niche? Do I need to be an expert in the niche? Will my […]

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How To Improve The Conversion Elements Of A Blog

If you’ve known me for more than a day, then you know that I’m always banging on about traffic and conversion being the only 2 factors you should be focused on in your online business. No matter what strategy (or mix of strategies) you employ, it all comes down to getting people from where they […]

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Which Photos And Images Can You Use On Your Website?

Need a photo or image that you can use on your website? You have a few choices… You can buy images at places like or You can use free photos or images, provided you attribute the original author. How do you know if you can use a photo on your website? The photo or image must […]

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Case Study: How To Get Traffic To My Website

Welcome to Day 7 of our case study and the “renovation” of… If you missed the previous parts of the case study, you can find them below: Day 1 – Taking An Old Neglected Website From Making $0 To $100 a Day Day 2 – How To Research The Niche To Maximise Success Day 3 – […]

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Niche Websites For Sale

Niche websites for sale: Grab a bargain here. I’ve decided to sell my niche websites and you can benefit from this… Most of these sites are aged (3+ years old) and nearly all of them are getting daily search engine traffic and making some money. I’m selling them because I want to focus more on […]

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