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The Ugly But Honest Truth About Doing Business Online

Why business online is so hard

Want a BIG challenge in life? Then start a business! Want an EVEN BIGGER challenge in life? Then start a business online! Why? Because it’s freaking HARD! Don’t let anyone else tell you differently… It is hard! The Facebook articles and ads from the “guru’s” showing off their travels, cars and houses might look lavish […]


How To Document Yourself To A 6-Figure A Year Business

Gary Vaynerchuk - Stop THINKING, Stop PONDERING

Are you one of those online business non-starters? Do you talk about how you are going to do this or that someday when this or that has happened? I see and hear the excuses as a business coach all the time! In business, the scorecard is the bottom line… It’s the net profit! People tell […]


Happiness Comes From Making One Simple Decision Today

Ian McConnell NZ trip

In 2014 my son and I travelled around New Zealand for 2 months. We had an amazing time and created memories that will last forever… But what was so noticeable was the happiness I felt almost every day! It was incredible… I felt alive and excited and energised almost all of the time! I enjoyed […]


One Reason Why You May Not Be As Successful As You Should Be

One Reason Why You Are Not As Successful As You Should Be

Business success is something that many entrepreneurs really struggle with. So, if you feel like you are not as successful as you should be, this message is something you need to hear… Some entrepreneurs seem to be blessed with success… They make it look easy! But, most often, it hasn’t been easy. Enjoying business success […]


Are You A Doer Or Gonna Doer? Only One Succeeds.

Joan Otto asked the question “Is there such a thing as financial good luck?” on the Man vs Debt blog, and it made me remember a few discussions I’ve had with some coaching students… One of them is about creating¬†your own financial good luck.¬† Coaching students are almost always 1 of 2 kinds… they are […]


The 2 Mistakes That Cost Me An Estimated $246,000

I came to the realisation in 2010, that if I was going to effectively help people to build their passive income online, I had to let them fail. It Was My Job To Help Them To Fail FAST Because, by failing fast it brought success to them quicker. So, what do I mean? Let me […]


How to Build Confidence in Your Online Business Quickly!

Why is it so common that a hyped sales page says you can make thousands of dollars quickly, but this is almost never the case? It may be affiliate marketing, selling advertising space on your site or selling your own product, it always is so much harder than what the sales page said. Find a […]