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How To Choose An Online Business Niche?

This blog post is to answer one of the most common questions I get asked… “How do I choose a niche?”  There are lots of variations to the question like… Which niche should I choose? Do I need to be passionate about my niche? Do I need to be an expert in the niche? Will my […]

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5 Steps To Blogging Success – Become a Blogger

Leslie Samuel from Become a Blogger has just released a new video on the 5 steps of how he made a success of his blog at This video is definitely worth watching, EVEN if you are a seasoned blogger… It will be a great reminder! Click To Play The Video… Turn Up Your Speakers

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Become A Blogger 2.0 Case Study With Mitch Wilson

Sometimes it is VERY hard to stay motivated as a blogger trying to make some money… But, this case study will give you all the inspiration you need.   Mitch Wilson went through the Become a Blogger training, took action and made a massive success from his passion… Sport! Mitch’s website is and, according to Google, […]

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Step-by-Step: How To Make Money Blogging Online

Making money by blogging online has become very popular… But, only a handful of these bloggers actually make any money! Some bloggers don’t want to make money and blog just to express themselves. But, other bloggers create their blogs with the purpose of making money from it. They usually start very enthusiastically and blog daily. […]

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The Top 5 Mistakes Bloggers Make

Writing content for a ‘money making’ blog requires a very different and strategic approach. In this article I’ll give you the top 5 mistakes bloggers make and how you should avoid them. It can be very easy as a blogger (wanting to make money) to be self-absorbed in the mindset of how can this blog […]

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