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Victoria & Andrew’s Story: Creating The One-Stop Shop For Aged Care

I met Victoria and Andrew at a internet marketing seminar in Perth a few weekends ago. I knew that I wasn’t going to learn anything new from this event, but I always learn something new from the people attending… If you have heard my model train niche story, you will know that interacting with the […]

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Cambell Baxter’s Story: Accounting, Music, Allergies And Internet Marketing

People always have interesting stories, even if they don’t think so themselves. And those stories usually involve unique experiences that make people experts by default. An expert is generally someone that knows more than someone else… And this knowledge can always be turned into an information product and sold. Cambell is one of those experts in […]

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Duncan Flynn’s Story: Creating A Tango Community Online

While I was working in the model train niche, I noticed a lot of irrational behavior. I came across retirees who had spent over $30,000 on their model trains. Some, I suspect, had spent a lot more, but hadn’t kept a record of their expenses, or just weren’t willing to publicly say what they had spent. […]

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Irwin Dominguez’s Story: Accountant To Internet Marketer

Being stuck in a career that you don’t like is tough. But, leaving it all behind to try internet marketing would be considered by many to be an extremely risky move. I gave up being an electrician to go internet marketing… My thinking (at the time) was that, if this internet marketing didn’t work out […]

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