Case Study: How To Build A List Of Prospects From Your Blog

Welcome to Day 5 of our case study and the “renovation” of…

If you missed the previous parts of the case study, you can find them below:

Today I’ll show you how I will build a list of prospects. 

Enjoy the video…

[leadplayer_vid id=”50726742CDDB5″]

Watch on YouTube: How To Build A List Of Prospects From Your Blog

Lead generation is so important in any business and most business owners don’t put enough effort into generating new leads consistently.

As an ‘Internet Marketer’ lead generation is referred to as building a list.

This is a list (or database) of people that have shown interest in what you are offering and could potentially buy products that you offer or recommend in the future.

The way was set up before (with the Google Adsense ads), a visitor would arrive and click the Adsense ad (mostly out of curiosity)… Once they clicked that ad, I had lost them forever.

I may have made $1 (if I was lucky) from the click. But, if that person had opted in, I would have had a chance to build a relationship (by providing some quality tips and ideas)And they would probably be worth $100 or more to me!

So, I have installed the new OptimizePress theme and removed all advertising and affiliate links.

The sole intention of this blog now, is to get the optin… 

There are no distracting ads, and on each page of the website there are 4 opportunities to optin… On the video pages there will be 5!

Below, you will see how the blog has changed with the new OptimizePress theme…

how to build a list

[box]NOTE: The website may look different to the image. That is because I’ll be monitoring the conversions and tweaking as necessary.[/box]

You will notice that I’m using the Hybrid Connect plugin in the sidebar and post footer.optin at the bottom of each post

This allows me to closely monitor conversions in the sidebar and post footer, but the best part is the one click optin.

If the visitor is already logged into Facebook, they will see the one click Facebook button to optin.

If they are not logged into Facebook, it will display the standard name and email fields.

The plugin has other great features which further boosts conversions… But, I’ll save those for a future video. Let me know in the comments below if you want to see more.

The Free Report links in the navigation bar and post header go to a standard OptimizePress squeeze template.

how to build a listOn the video pages I have used the LeadPlayer plugin.

This plugin allows me to take any YouTube video and add an optin form to the video… VERY NICE!

I’m not sure how well this will work in the declutter niche, but it won’t hurt to try it!

You can see it in action at the end of the video on this page.

What’s Next

The initial conversion elements are complete on the website. Over time I’ll tweak them so they convert better. Next I need to complete the behind the scenes optin stuff like…

  • Writing the free report. I’ll use PLR (Private Label Rights) material for this.
  • Create a free report download page, with an offer.
  • Writing 2 or 3 autoresponder follow up messages. I’ll add to these later.
  • Test all optin sequences.

>> Day 6: How To Create Compelling Offers To Build A List

Please leave your questions or comments below…

  • Very nice Ian. Thanks for sharing – Is the banner opt-in at the end of the article (below) also from OptimizePress?

    • Hi Kent,

      The optin at the end of the posts on is currently created with a WordPress plugin called “WP Optin Pro”. But, that’s about to change.

      On I am testing a new WordPress plugin called “Hybrid Connect” which has the ability to identify if someone is logged into Facebook and then will show the one click Facebook optin. I believe this will significantly increase the optins with Facebook users. The people not logged into Facebook will see the standard name and email form.

      Hybrid Connect also has a superb way of adjusting the look of the optin very quickly (which makes testing easier)… and the ability to offer a one click webinar registration, which is what I need on So, I’ll be changing over to the Hybrid Connect plugin soon.

      There is a video which shows the Hybrid Connect functionality and features at

      Have Fun

  • Alice Wilson

    So Ian, ok, I get it. I don’t agree with your wife after all.

    You’ve already done an excellent job and you’re not even done yet! I totally get the point that you have a passion for the research and marketing process…but not the niche.

    This is a great idea, we appreciate all your help.

    • Thanks Alice,

      It will only get better because the positive feedback is inspiring me to give more.

      Yes, you are completely right. My passion lies in the building of the business, not in the niche… And thats why I prefer to sell them when they are consistently making money.

      Have Fun

  • vinodh

    Hi, Thanks for this case study, particularly the list building steps. Is this also called a landing page? I mean the page that provision for email collection. Can this idea be used for any business.

    • Ian McConnell

      Vinodh, every page of a website is a landing page. If you collect emails on a landing page it is then referred to as a squeeze page or an optin page. If you sell something on a landing page it is then referred to as a sales page.

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  • Javier

    Hey Ian,

    I’m wondering if you’re having results already with the hybrid connect plugin.

    Thanks for sharing this case study!

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Javier, it’s still early days to tell. It seems that the Facebook optin works very well, but until I get 1,000+ visitors to the site I haven’t got a big enough batch size to compare with. Stay in touch and I’ll let you know what happens.


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  • Owen

    Great tips. Very interesting.
    What plugin do you use to get the social media icons at the bottom of each post?
    Thanks Ian

    • Ian McConnell

      Thanks Owen, it is the Social Essentials WordPress Plugin by Shane Melaugh.


  • Thank you for sharing this case study. I definitely appreciate the tip on the LeadPlayer Plugin in order to pick a YouTube video and add an optin form to it.