Richard Guy’s Story: Building An Ebook Library

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, books (physical, Kindle, ebooks) are the easiest passive income you will ever earn online.

It takes a BIG effort to research and write the book, but books can sell over and over again, for many years, to many hundreds or thousands of people.

Most people overlook this awesome passive income stream. They think it is so much harder than what it is, or they believe they have nothing to write about…

When I wrote the model train beginners guide, my research consisted of going to a model train show and listening to the questions people were asking. I then sat down and created a table of contents from those questions, researched answers to all the questions and then wrote the ebook. It took about 10 days to research and write the ebook.

Over 3 years I sold over 4,000 copies and the ebook is still selling!

Let’s do some quick maths…

4,000 copies at $27 = $108,000.

10 days work at about 6 hours work per day = 60 hours.

Thats $108,000 for 60 hours of work = $1,800 per hour.

NOTE: I have rounded numbers for simplicity, but you get the idea… Put in a BIG effort one time and get paid over and over again.

That’s what Richard’s plan is, so let him tell you his story…

Richard Guy’s Story

Richard Guy

Richard Guy

My name is Richard Guy and I live in Beaumont, CA, USA.

I am a Manager, and don’t have any hobbies.

I have learned internet marketing from Perry Marshall’s stuff and some of Glenn Livingston’s. I’ve spent about $2,000 on training.

I’ve made some money with Adsense and selling ebooks. My website is

I need to improve my selling of ebooks and want to create a subscription program.

My end goal is to build a website and ebook library, and eventually sell it all for $100,000 or more.

I am very computer savvy and have a strong track record of success at my other business (co-own animal hospital). However, I am not entirely sure of the best strategy for selling the ebooks, or how to create a subscription product.


My Comments To Richard Guy

Richard, there wasn’t a lot of detail in your reply, so it is hard for me to understand exactly where you want to go with your business.

However, as soon as I learned that you are a co-owner of an animal hospital, I had many ideas.

Pets are a massive market and you can never have too many how-to guides. Because you are a animal hospital owner you are going to have access to the best possible tips on animal care. This will be very helpful to pet owners.

You could also create the ‘Richard Guy’ series of guides… similar to the Dummies guides.

I would love to know what you learned from Perry Marshall and Glenn Livingston, and what you managed to implement from their training?

I look forward to your comments.

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  • Siegfried

    interesting… How big should ebook be? I think I could easily write one and even if my english is not very good I could probably pay someone to make it ok.
    Best Regards!

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Siegfried,

      My model train ebook was only about 93 pages with size 16 font and a lot of pictures.

      Over the years I added additional bonus reports that were about 10 pages.

      It depends on your niche, but people are time poor so they appreciate you getting straight to the point.

      All the information in my ebook could be found for free on the internet. But, it would take about about 10 hours of searching through 20 or more websites, filtering out the conflicting information and then piecing all the info together.

      This justified my price of $27.

      Siegfried, there are many people in the USA and Australia that would happily look over your writing and correct any grammar.

      Have Fun,

  • Richard

    Ian thanks for taking the time to help me. I agree there’s a lot of scope for pet-related ebooks but at the moment I’m working on a history ebook. take a look at my opt-in page and let me know what you think.

    I thought it would be best to obtain the prospect’s e-mail address first and then sell them ebooks in e-mails.

    Glenn Livingston’s stuff is great, he brings intellectual rigor to marketing, specifically market research (figuring out in a very systematic way what problems your prospects are trying to solve). Perry Marshall is good for Google AdWords and direct marketing in general.

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Richard,

      Your optin looks great and it’ll be interesting to see how well it converts.

      How are you sending traffic to that page?

      You might want to consider the Kindle publishing platform for your main book.

      The advantage of writing and publishing on the Kindle platform is that Amazon does all the marketing and distribution for you.

      This allows you to focus on your history writing, which is obviously where your passion lies.

      This doesn’t stop you having a call to action in your Kindle book which takes the reader to an optin page offering updates, or some other incentive.

      This builds a customer list rather than a subscriber list. Customer lists are usually about 10 times more responsive than subscriber lists, because they like and trust you as an author.

      Then when you write your next book, you have a list to launch it to immediately.

      Have Fun,

      • Richard

        Ian that’s a great suggestion, thanks very much! I will try it.

  • Owen

    Another good case study. The topic of the Kindle book one publishes on Kindle needs to have demand as well. Research indicates between 3 and 12 thousand exact match searches in the keyword tool and 250,000 searches in Google. You also need a lot of marketing. I have a book in Kindle called ‘how to stop worrying and enjoy your life’. When I first published it, my knowledge was limited. I have also not done enough marketing. To date (6 months) I have received 1 royalty cheque for $129.00. Kindle is huge and your strategy is a great one, especially if you have a series in mind and there is some demand for the topic.

    Great reading these case studies. Thanks Ian.

    • Ian McConnell

      Hi Owen,

      I was interested to know why you are not promoting your book on your blog?

      Also, go to Fiverr and pay for someone to build a huge amount of backlinks to your listing Kindle listing on Amazon. You would never do this to your own website, but it won’t hurt doing it to an Amazon page.

      $129 is a great start and if you get some good reviews and push it up the Amazon search it will do even better.


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