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How to Build Confidence in Your Online Business Quickly!


Why is it so common that a hyped sales page says you can make thousands of dollars quickly, but this is almost never the case?

It may be affiliate marketing, selling advertising space on your site or selling your own product, it always is so much harder than what the sales page said.

Find a hungry market and give them what they want!

Sounds easy, but what about all the little bits in the middle? Creating a sales page that is as effective as the one you have just bought from, involves not only writing the copy, but arranging it with graphics, font sizes, bolding, highlighting and more to create a visually appealing, credit card attracting, work of art.

And then this work of art has to be uploaded to a server, and don't forget to search engine optimize it for the organic traffic. That's only a small piece of the puzzle! Because even if this piece is done incredibly well, you won't sell nothing until you get some targeted traffic.

So there is another piece. Getting the traffic from pay per click advertising, joint ventures, blogs, links on other peoples sites, writing articles, and the list goes on.

Now you've got the targeted traffic going to a well performing sales page selling a product which may be your own or someone else's.

So which is more profitable?

The promotion of any sales page, yours or someone else's, will cost the same. So assuming that your sales page or someone else's converts at the same rate, then surely it's better to make 100% of your own product than 50% of someone else's.

And surely it's better to have control over your own sales page, so it can be tweaked to perform better?

Granted, if you don't know, or don't want to know, or don't want to pay someone to create a well converting sales page then affiliate products is the way to go.

But the profit is definitely better by creating your own products and getting all the people that love selling affiliate products to sell for you.

But the question now is do you create a $49 product or a $7 product?

Well, which do you think will be quicker to create, a $7 report or a $49 ebook?

Which sales letter will require more skill to write?

Would people hesitate less to part with $7 or $49?

Clearly a $7 report is the winner, especially when you pay your affiliates 100% commission!

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