An Overview Of the Strategy That Made Me $82,030.27 In A Year

Most people over complicate their online business and it doesn’t have to be that way. The secret is to test a market fast with other people’s products. If the market is responsive and you make sales, then it’s time to expand with your own product, a membership site, bigger websites, blogs, social pages, etc.

I have seen many people build out huge websites only to make a few dollars a day. This is unacceptable in today’s age, because the internet has allowed us to deal with a global market. With the right research you could access hundreds, if not thousands of buyers in a few days. This is a very exciting business!

There are 3 simple steps to my online strategy:

    • Step 1 – Research – What are people buying now and have a monthly subscription to? Magazines. If there is a magazine in the niche you are interested in, there is the potential for you to sell an online membership to people with the same interest.
    • Step 2 – Build a List of People Interested in the Niche – Find out where the people in your niche are hanging out online… Facebook, forums, blogs, eBay, etc. A strategically placed post, signature link, comment, advert on those sites will get those readers to your optin page. This is where you offer something for free, in return for allowing you to send them emails about other useful information on the subject.
    • Step 3 – Email Market To Your List – once people are on your list (autoresponder) you can then market to them. But, be careful! If you try and sell hard, your subscribers will report you as a spammer and you will suffer the consequences.

Treat your subscribers as your best friends. Give them content that they will love, stuff that will help them out, and only every now and again mention an offer. There is a strategy to this, that I will explain in great detail in future lessons.

This is a quick and easy way to test a market and is so simple and quick to set up. All it involves is a one page website with an autoresponder.

This entire process can be researched and setup in a day. You can then test your subscriber responses with affiliate products.

Affiliate products are other people’s products that you can sell for a commission.

If you get a good response selling affiliate products, this is a good sign that you should progress to the next stage of building a membership site. More on that later…

In the next video I’ll let you in on the 2 big mistakes I made that cost me over $246,000 in lost income… Not a subscriber? Click here to be advised when the next video is available.

You won’t want to miss that one because 9 out of every 10 people are making the same mistakes right now and it’s costing them… and they don’t even know it!

Got any questions or comments?

Please leave them below and I’ll address them in the next Q & A session.

  • Hi Ian,
    I saw your post on the E1KaD blog and got curious when you said you created a membership site from the content of your book… I kind of never thought of that… even though I tried once to set up my own (free) membership site. I’m keen to give it another shot though… My Clickbank guide is I think 120 pages or so but includes videos etc and additional ebooks… do you think I could transfer that into a membership site? And do you recommend offering both (the ebook/s & videos) and/or the membership site through Clickbank? I’m interested to know how you set up the membership site… I’m sure I could do a similar thing if I kind of knew the ropes about how to do it. Feel free to contact me at
    Thanks… Martin

    • Hey Martin,

      I tested the market by taking the ebook chapters and fleshing it out to create monthly content and it worked very well. The mistake I made in the beginning is thinking that I need more of the advanced information, when in fact people wanted the absolute basics.

      I used Wishlist on a WP blog through Clickbank, but from now on will probably use Paypal because it is so much easier and appears to be more widely accepted. I’ve got the resources listed at

      Membership sites are great for the recurring income…

  • Anonymous

    Hi Ian, the process of making a living online is easy, yet so difficult. Finding an audience/niche is as difficult for most people offline as well as online. But once you have the audience and you engage them on a deep and meaningful basis, that is when you’re almost on income auto pilot.

    Great work!

    • I agree Matthew… As humans we tend to over complicate things!

      I made the mistake of thinking that I needed to provide more advanced information… That was until my survey results revealed that people wanted the absolute basics, the stuff I was glossing over… Just ask and people will tell you what they want… It’s so, easy!

  • Javier

    How do you suggest to setup the membership site With PayPal? Do you know any wp plugin?

    The problem is that this way you’d lose your affiliates. Plus clickbank already accepts PayPal payments.

  • Ian McConnell

    Hi Javier, Wishlist Member is the WP plugin I used and highly recommend. I created multiple membership levels and it allows you to use Paypal and Clickbank to take payments.

    I used Clickbank because I wanted to attract affiliates… which ultimately led to the success of the model train site.

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