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10 FREE Videos Show You How To Set Up Your WordPress Blog Quickly And Easily

Yaro Starak, Gideon Shalwick and Leslie Samuel are incredibly successful bloggers and I follow them VERY closely. Just by watching, and modelling what they do, I have managed to massively improve my resultsit's the easiest shortcut I know to success!

Many years ago Yaro and Gideon created some awesome free videos that helped me to start a model train blog that went on to make $359,515.79 in 23 monthsIt was an amazing result!

Unfortunately, those free videos had to be taken down. Because, like most things online, they quickly became outdated.

But, I'm pleased to say that Leslie Samuel (one of Yaro and Gideon's first students) has completely redone all of the videos… And today you can get FREE access to those 10 videos from the “Become a Blogger” system.

These 10 videos will show you step-by-step how to set up your WordPress blog quickly and easily. It's in a membership area (which will require you to optin) and you can refer to these videos as many times as you like.

These videos are well worth seeing…

Here is what you will learn about setting up your WP blog:


Become a Blogger - why you should use WordPress

Video 1: Why You Should Only Use WordPress To Set Up Your Blog

In this video Leslie explains why WordPress is the best software for your blog. There are many alternatives which may be very tempting to use, but you need to have full ownership of your website.


Become a Blogger - How To Get Your Own Domain Name

Video 2: How To Get Your Own Domain Name

In this video Leslie explains why owning your domain name is an essential part of your blogging success, how to choose one and how to purchase domains.


Become a Blogger - how to get hostingVideo 3: How To Host Your WordPress Blog

In this video Leslie explains hosting, which is where your website files are stored. You need to make sure this is set up right to handle the visitors you will receive.


Become a Blogger - how to install wordpressVideo 4: How To Quickly And Easily Install WordPress

In this video Leslie explains how to install the WordPress software after you have got your domain and hosting. This is a simple step, but only if done correctly.


Become a Blogger - how to upload files using ftpVideo 5: How To Upload Files Using FTP

In this video Leslie explains FTP (File Transfer Protocol) which is how you will upload files to your server. You may want to upload a pdf for people to download.


Become a Blogger - how to choose a wordpress themeVideo 6: How To Choose a WordPress Theme

In this video Leslie shows you how to dramatically improve the look of your WordPress blog with a theme. The theme will instantly make your blog look much more professional.


Become a Blogger - how to install WordPress plugins Video 7: How To Install WordPress Plugins

In this video Leslie shows you the WordPress plugins to install and why. Plugins add the extra functionality you need, optimizes your website for the search engines and much more.


Become a Blogger - how to create blog posts and pagesVideo 8: How To Create Blog Posts And Pages

In this video Leslie explains how to put content on your blog and format it to make it look good. The content on your blog is a critical component for success.


Become a Blogger - what is RSS and why you need it Video 9: What Is RSS And Why You Need It

In this video Leslie explains how to use RSS to follow content on the web using a Google RSS reader. This is great for following competitors and authority blogs in your niche.


Become a Blogger - how to use FeedburnerVideo 10: How To Use Feedburner Effectively

In this video Leslie explains how using RSS and Feedburner can be a VERY powerful combination. Feedburner allows you to control your RSS feed in different ways.


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